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The 2020 Cookie Program will be held February 15 through March 29, 2020.

Cookie Selling Resources

Follow these tips and guidelines to make the most of your sale!

Follow Safety Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below to have a safe cookie-selling experience.

  • Show you’re a Girl Scout. Wear your Girl Scout membership pin and/or Girl Scout clothing to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  • Buddy up. Use the buddy system so you’re able to help each other (and it’s more fun!).
  • Be streetwise. Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling cookies.
  • Partner with adults. Adults must accompany Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors when they are directly selling or delivering product. Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors must be supervised by an adult when they are directly selling or delivering product. Girls cannot sell alone. Adults should be present at cookie booths at all times. Consult the Cookie Booth Sales page for more on cookie booth supervision.
  • Plan ahead. Have a plan for safeguarding money—avoid walking around with large amounts of it or keeping large amounts at home or school. Give cookie money to supervising adults to deposit it as soon as possible.
  • Do not enter. Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles or going into alleys.
  • Sell in the daytime. Only go door-to-door during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Protect privacy. Do not give out your full name, address, and email address to customers. Use a group contact number or address overseen by an adult for customers to request information, reorder, or give comments. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information elsewhere and never take down their credit card information.
  • Be safe on the road. Follow safe pedestrian practices and be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.
  • Be internet savvy. Take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before going online and follow guidelines related to marketing online.
Sell Cookies Creatively

There are a variety of opportunities to sell cookies beyond door-to-door sales and cookie booths—below are suggestions and tips for selling cookies. Do you have ideas not covered here? Consider sharing them on our Facebook page or contact form to have your idea shared with fellow Girl Scouts.

  • Ask away! The number one reason people don’t buy cookies is because they were never asked.
  • Encourage customers to buy enough cookies to last until the following cookie season. A hot summer day is the perfect time for a frozen Thin Mint.
  • Tell customers your goals for selling cookies. Decorate t-shirts, paint posters, or make signs explaining your goals.
  • Host a troop door-to-door sales party. Split into teams and walk door-to-door in designated neighborhoods, then meet as a troop to warm up and celebrate the troop’s success. Consider recognizing each team for a unique accomplishment: most cookies sold, most Caramel deLites sold, most donated cookies, etc.
  • Save your order cards from year-to-year and contact previous buyers first.
  • Offer recipes to make with Girl Scout Cookies.
Know What to Say to Negative Comments

If you’re approached with negative information while you are selling cookies, we want to make it easier for you to know what to say. If applicable, share the points below:

  • All cookie money stays local.
  • Neither my local Girl Scout council nor the national office has a relationship with Planned Parenthood.
  • The Cookie Program is about the Girl Scouts who are learning skills and earning money for their troops. The council proceeds are reinvested into the girls and troops through financial assistance, subsidizing camp fees, and providing programming.
  • Let’s keep adult conversations away from girls. Those with additional questions can check out our Where Cookie Money Goes page, or reach out to the council for more information.

Attention Volunteers!
Visit the troop leader, troop cookie manager, or service unit cookie manager pages on our volunteer website ( for information and volunteer resources related to your roles.

Additional Resources for Cookie Sellers

The following resources will be updated just before the start of the 2020 cookie sale.