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Girl Scout with her uniform filled with badges and pinsGirl Scout with her uniform filled with badges and pins

Daisy Girl Scout holding up a Journey BadgeDaisy Girl Scout holding up a Journey Badge

Daisy in her uniform vest with the back full of fun patchesDaisy in her uniform vest with the back full of fun patches

For: All Grade Levels


This award is given to a Girl Scout who has shown extraordinary heroism or risked their life to save another's.
Contact us with questions or to nominate a Girl Scout for this award.

For: Cadette–Ambassador


Community Service Bars are earned by making a difference in the community and practicing Girl Scout values.
  • Your service hours must be separate from those hours you use for other awards.
  • Each bar represents a new project, and can only be earned once per program level.
  • It is your responsibility to log your own hours and turn them into your leader or mentor upon completion.
  • Once you have completed your hours, you may purchase the Community Service Bar for your program level from Girl Scouts River Valleys council shops.
Thank you for your service to the community!
Contact us with questions or to nominate a Girl Scout for this award.

For: All Grade Levels


Girl Scouts who live overseas can earn this award by doing activities that encourage international friendships with girls in their host country.
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For: All Grade Levels


This award is given to a Girl Scout who has shown presence of mind and true Girl Scout spirit in an emergency.
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For: All Grade Levels


Girl Scouts can earn this award once each year by learning more about what their faith and Girl Scouting have in common, using the Girl Scout Law as a guide. Girl Scouts are encouraged to serve those in need, to help their communities, and grow in their faith.
Check out Girl Scouts of the USA faith-based awards for Girl Scouts looking to put their spirituality into action in a familiar setting.


For: Cadette


Cadettes receive their Program Aide Award by earning one Leadership in Action (LiA) Award, completing a Program Aide training at a council-led event or as a troop using the Program Aide Plus Activity Plan (PDF) and working directly with younger Girl Scouts at least six times.

The Program Aide Plus Activity Plan is designed for Cadettes to work on their own with an adult available for support, for a troop to work on together, or for a community/area to offer the training. The first section of the activity plan is the basic Program Aide Activity Plan. The second section covers the role of a community/area event assistant, day camp junior caddie, facilitating flag ceremonies and leading songs and games. Activity resources for many of the sessions can be found in the second part of the plan.

Volunteers leading the activities may customize them to best suit the needs of the Girl Scouts and the types of activities they are being prepared to lead for troop, community/area events, or day camp activities.

For: All Grade Levels


Safety Awards are earned by following a five-step process for being safe, tailored for each grade level.
Requirements can be found in each program level's Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

For: Cadette–Ambassador


Service to Girl Scouting bars are earned by volunteering at least 20 hours for Girl Scouts.
Requirements can be found in the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

For: Daisy–Ambassador


Hey there Girl Scout go-getter! We know when girls participate in the full scope of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience – they can take on anything! Show the world that you are an expert Girl Scout by completing the 10 key experiences to have a well-rounded Girl Scout year and earn The Ultimate Girl Scout Year Award. To earn The Ultimate Girl Scout Year Award troops/Girl Scouts will:
  • Meet an average of twice per month* during the school year (during the months the troop meets)
  • Hold a family meeting (troops)/meet with your Juliette Mentor (individually registered Girl Scouts)
  • Keep it Girl Scout-led
  • Complete a Leadership Journey
  • Complete at least one activity or badge from each of the skill-building areas; STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship
  • Explore the outdoors and/or go camping
  • Attend a council event, community/area event, or plan a field trip—virtual or in person!
  • Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program
  • Attend or hold an end-of-year celebration or event
  • Participate in at least one summer activity (examples: troop camp, troop meeting, field trip)


*Note For the 2020-2021 year, troops could meet once per month and meet the Ultimate Girl Scout Award requirements.


For: Senior–Ambassador (must be currently enrolled in grade 10)


This award is for Girl Scouts who mentor a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, or Junior group outside of the camp experience. Projects should span 3–6 months.

  1. Find a mentor volunteer who is currently the adult volunteer for a group of Girl Scouts at the level you’d like to work with. This volunteer will help you through your training and internship, and you’ll help the volunteer with her group of Girl Scouts for the 3-6 month period.

  2. Determine 2-3 goals for this training and what you would like to learn and practice.

  3. Completed Program Aide training. (This may have occurred during your Cadette years.)

  4. Create and implement a thoughtful program based on a Journey or badge that lasts over four or more sessions. Be responsible for designing, planning, and evaluating the activities. If you’re passionate about a topic like art or technology, you could design the activities around the area you love or in which you have expertise.

For: All Grade Levels


Girl Scouts earn this award by participating in globally themed activities and projects to honor Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries.
Girl Scouts of the USA Requirements
Daisies in a circle with a Girl Scout Volunteer
Troop Year Planner

Follow these customizable troop plans to complete fun badge activities, make a difference in your community, and explore your world.