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Finance and Accountability

As part of the national Girl Scout Movement, Girl Scouts River Valleys is acutely aware of girls’ changing needs. We continue to have an ardent focus on the fiscal and organizational health of Girl Scouts River Valleys, knowing well that sustainability, growth, and vision are pivotal to the strength of our girls, volunteers, and our future.

Learn how and why Girl Scouts works in our latest Annual Report. You will find more about our objectives and goals, financial and organizational health, and dedicated supporters.


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Donor Privacy

With gratitude and sincere appreciation, we recognize the financial contributions and services given to Girl Scouts River Valleys by those in our community. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our donors and follow these donor privacy procedures (PDF).

Annual Meeting Documents

Every year in January/February, Girl Scouts River Valleys hosts an annual meeting where our council delegates elect and install the newest board members, girls and volunteers hear more about the state of our council and vision for the future, and volunteers are recognized for outstanding service.

Audit and Board Minutes

Our audit and board minutes are maintained for review by members or agents and attorneys acting on members’ behalf. Contact our executive office at 800-845-0787 to schedule a time to review these records.