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Girls at a Silver Award Ceremony

Silver Award Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8) can achieve. It is a meaningful way to use the skills they learn as a Girl Scout including, critical thinking, project management, problem solving, active leadership, teamwork and volunteering. Earning the Girl Scout Silver Award involves the time to complete a Journey (step 1), and then a minimum of 50 hours to complete steps 2-10. Read about featured Silver Award Girl Scouts.


Girl Scout Silver Award

Silver Award Workbook (PDF)
*Includes a template for troop leaders and/or Juliette mentors for approval and Final Report.


Steps to Earn the Silver Award

  1. Complete the Silver Award Online Self Training

  2. Explore & Decide: Complete pages 2-10 in workbook

  3. Create Your Proposal: Complete pages 11-13 in workbook.

  4. Get Approval: Ask your troop leader or Juliette mentor to approve page 14 of workbook.

  5. Put your project in motion.

  6. Submit your Final Report (pages 16-20 in workbook) to with the help of your troop leader or Juliette mentor by September 30 following your grade 8 year.

  7. Reflect, share your story, and celebrate your work!

How Troop Leaders Help

  • Offer the Silver Award option to Girl Scouts in your troop.

  • Allow space for Girl Scouts to explore and decide on a community issue for their project.

  • Review and approve project proposal to ensure it meets all requirements (page 14 of workbook). Contact us if you have questions

  • Support Girl Scouts as they plan and execute their project.

  • Submit the group's Final Reports to

  • Celebrate with your Girl Scout(s) as they receive pins at the council-led celebration event.