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Bronze Award

Girls Volunteering in a Kitchen for Their Bronze Award

Imagine what you can accomplish when you team up with others and use your special skills and interests to take action and make a difference in the world. Now, bring that vision to life by earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award—the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5) can achieve!

Bronze Award Guidelines
*Includes a template for your Final Report.

Steps to Earn the Bronze Award

  1. Complete a Junior Leadership Journey (if you haven't already) to hone the skills you'll need to earn your Bronze Award. 
  2. Build yourself a team of fellow Girl Scout Juniors.
  3. Explore your community for project inspiration.
  4. Choose your Bronze Award Take Action project.
  5. Make a plan for your project.
  6. Put your plan in motion.
  7. Reflect, share your story, and celebrate your work.

Earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award involves the time to complete a Journey (step 1), and then a suggested minimum of 20 hours to complete steps 2-7.

Finding Support

Learn more about the Bronze Award on Girl Scouts of the USA’s website. Still have questions? Contact us!