Help Girls Make History

Why be a troop leader?


Give back to your community—


Leading a troop makes a real impact on kids, creating a safe space for them to grow and thrive. There’s nothing more powerful than uplifting the next generation.


Pay it forward—


Odds are, you had an adult who made a difference in your life. A mentor or role model who helped you discover who you could be and celebrated you for exactly who you were. Here's your chance to be that impactful adult and pay it forward.


Connect and grow—


As a troop leader, you’ll develop your own leadership skills, build connections, and even make lifelong friends of your own with the families and other volunteers in your Girl Scout network. 


Find your joy—


When’s the last time you laughed like a kid? Or stepped back and took a moment to experience the wonder of the world around you? Seeing the world through the eyes of Girl Scouts will allow you to rediscover your sense of joy, wonder, and adventure.
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90% of troop leaders feel they make a difference in the lives of girls.

86% of Girl Scouts say their troop leader makes them feel important.

83% of troop leaders say they gain a sense of purpose by volunteering with Girl Scouts.