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Engaging Communities

Fun, Friendship, and Learning that Centers Your Culture

Girl Scouts is a community where your kid can shine their brightest—Where they’ll find a sense of belonging and be celebrated for exactly who they are. Our BIPOC troops center the unique experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) youth. Both Mentored Troops and ConnectZ are predominately led by BIPOC adults who care deeply about making a difference in the lives of youth and their communities. Through a Girl Scout BIPOC troop, your kid is supported by mentors and youth who look like them. With culturally relevant programming, children's identities and experiences are centered and celebrated. Girl Scouts is where they can bring their full selves.

Girl Scouts Need You—Yes, You!

We believe representation matters. Providing BIPOC youth with role models and mentors that look like them can have a tremendous impact on their life. By seeing, interacting with, and learning from leaders of color, they too can see themselves as a leader. To provide these life-changing experiences for Girl Scouts, we need you—yes, you—to join us as a Mentored Troop leader. As a troop leader, you’ll lead a group of Girl Scouts on a path that connects earning badges, getting outdoors, and taking action in the community with knowing their worth and leading in their world.

Headshot of new Mentored Troop Leader Lori Cowan

“I am just so proud to be able to lead a mentored troop that is giving girls the opportunity to be Girl Scouts in an environment that I wish I had as a little girl.”

—Lori Cowan
Girl Scout Mentored Troop Leader


You Can Count on Us for Support

We know that not everyone finds Girl Scouting familiar or easily accessible, which is why we created the Mentored Troops program to provide you with the mentorship and support you need throughout your first year as a troop leader. From culturally relevant resources, to one-on-one coaching, to new leader training, we’ll be your partner every step of the way as you start your journey with Girl Scouts.

Community Engagement: Our Mission & Work

The Community Engagement Team leads the development and growth of Girl Scouts River Valleys’ Mentored Troops and ConnectZ programs. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core Girl Scout values, and we work to increase visibility, build trust, and cultivate authentic and holistic relationships with communities of color. Our programs actively work toward increasing the ethnic diversity and representation of Girl Scouts and volunteers of color in the area we serve.  

More About Mentored Troops

Mentored troops are BIPOC troops, led by volunteer troop leaders of color, that provide BIPOC youth a troop experience where their experience is centered. Girl Scouts in Mentored Troops develop a sense of belonging and sisterhood in a culturally relevant environment.

At no cost to families, Girl Scouts in Mentored Troops receive the following during their first year: 

  • A paid Girl Scout membership fee for one year and placement into an ethnically diverse Girl Scout troop

  • A Girl Scout uniform kit and supplies

  • Troop funds to financially support your troop’s Girl Scout activities

Interested in learning more? Fill out our interest form.

More About ConnectZ

ConnectZ is a staff led program that provides BIPOC youth, and those in underserved communities, an opportunity to be a part of diverse Girl Scout troops at no cost to them or their families. To eliminate access barriers, meetings are conveniently held at schools or organizations where they already are. ConnectZ provides connection and community through a culturally responsive, youth-led leadership program. Programming is free for all ConnectZ participants. This means there is no cost for membership, uniforms, or programmatic experiences, like camp. 

ConnectZ is available at select partner sites. If you’re interested in this option for your kid, complete our interest form. We’ll follow up with information about troop availability.  


Interested in Working with the Community Engagement Team?

We’d love to connect. Email or give us a call at 800-845-0787.

Meet the Community Engagement Team
Coco Du portrait photo

Coco Du

Vice President of Community Engagement

Jasmine Graves portrait photo

Jasmine Graves

Director of Girl Experience and Troop Leader Support

Keziah Ojika portrait photo

Keziah Ojika

Director of Community Cultivation & Partnerships

Kia Xiong portrait photo

Kia Xiong

Community Partnerships Team Lead

Khadra Mohamed portrait photo

Khadra Mohamed

Community Engagement Coordinator - South Metro

Ches Cipriano portrait photo

Ches Cipriano

Community Engagement Coordinator - West Metro

Rosalind Moore portrait photo

Rosalind Moore

Community Engagement Coordinator - East Metro

Mary Muñoz portrait photo

Mary Muñoz

Latinx Partnerships Team Lead

Anjelica Zamora portrait photo

Anjelica Zamora

Latinx Partnerships Coordinator

Samantha Vang portrait photo

Samantha Vang

Girl Curriculum and Troop Leader Support Team Lead

Mary Gwen portrait photo

Mary Gwen Thompson

Community Engagement Coordinator

Yovi Beyene portrait photo

Yovi Beyene

Community Engagement Coordinator (Worthington)

Yovi Beyene portrait photo

Maddie Lawler

Community Engagement Coordinator (Rochester)

Sunny Thao portrait photo

Sunny Thao

Community Engagement Coordinator

Yuri Smith portrait photo

Yuri Smith

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mishereen Ellis portrait photo

Mishereen Ellis

Girl, Family, and Alumi Engagement Team Lead

May Xiong portrait photo

May Xiong

Community Engagement Coordinator

Brenda Montes portrait photo

Brenda Montes

Project Coordinator