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You’re invited to join Girl Scouts, for free!

During these uncertain times, girls need Girl Scouts now more than ever. Your routine—and your girls’—may have changed with everything happening in our world right now. But what hasn’t changed is how Girl Scouts rise to meet challenges with a confident “We’ve got this.” We’re redefining what our troop meeting and activities look like and we’re providing a sense of belonging to girls who are missing school and friends. 

You can lean on Girl Scouts during these challenging times, and beyond. For a limited time, we’re offering:


Girl Scouts wants EVERY girl to have the opportunity to experience the benefits and joy of being part of a Girl Scout troop without financial burden so we’re offering free memberships to girls in K-12 who join Girl Scouts between January 1 and February 28.

Free membership for all new girls in grades K-12 has been extended through March 31.


Girls in grades K-3 can participate in e-troop meetings ! (“e” stands for excellent and exceptional!). E-troop meetings are led by youth experts who will engage her virtually in our Happy and Healthy Girls curriculum that will support her academic development. Girls will love getting to connect with other girls and learn by doing, while adults can feel good knowing that she’s learning adaptability, developing social and emotional learning, and practicing physical health. Girls will attend six sessions offered February through May 2021. Our e-troop meetings have met their maximum capacity.


Some may think of Girl Scouts as a troop-only activity, but Girl Scouts continues to offer opportunities for girls to participate without being in a troop. Individually registered girls are referred to as "Juliettes," after our founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Girl Scout Juliettes can do everything girls in troops do, like attend virtual and in-person programs and camps, earn badges and awards, and even sell cookies! Girls can take the lead in identifying badges and programs that appeal to them, and can participate frequently (regularly, throughout the year) or infrequently (by attending camp or participating in a program or two).  


Know of a Girl Scout troop already meeting in your community? Join a local troop for regular troop meetings. This is a great option if your girl already has friends in Girl Scouts. (Space may be limited.)

Familias hispanohablantes: Pueden descargar nuestro Formulario de Inscripción para Niñas/Muchachas y Adultos (PDF). Más información acerca de Girl Scouts en nuestra página

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