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Committees & Advisory Groups

Committees and advisory groups are made up of volunteers such as members of the elected Board of Directors, Alums, and community members with particular expertise and a shared passion for the Girl Scout mission. In addition to these groups, volunteer committees and advisory groups contribute significantly to the success of Girl Scouts River Valleys. 

Council Volunteer Committee Opportunities

Council volunteer committees provide valuable and meaningful volunteer opportunities that support Girl Scouts River Valleys’ strategic objectives. These opportunities are managed and supported by staff.

Council Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee members are responsible for evaluating and awarding Girl Scouts River Valleys and Legacy Council Scholarships to Girl Scouts River Valleys girls. The Committee shall perform key tasks in determining awards, process of application, promotion of scholarship opportunities and volunteer at key events to promote Girl Scout programming. Term limits in effect September 2, 2019
Staff Liaison: Sara Shaw Meyer

Day Camp Advisory Committee

Day Camp Advisory Committee members provide guidance and support to Girl Scouts River Valleys on current and proposed volunteer-led day camp support activities, procedures, resources, and communication plans. Members will help plan and facilitate a training and networking event open to all Girl Scouts River Valleys day camp directors and volunteers. The time commitment for this position is an average of 2-4 hours per month September through May, with some months requiring more or less time, depending on committee needs and interests. 
Staff Liaison: Pam Wurster

Highest Award Committee

Highest Award Committee Members help girls through the process of earning their Highest Awards by providing guidance, support, and mentorship to Girl Scouts (6th-12th grade). These are the highest awards available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, and have a strong emphasis on community leadership. Highest Awards Committee Members are also responsible for providing their Girl Scouts River Valleys contact with a confirmation that the applicants have completed all the requirements necessary to receive the Silver or Gold award.
Staff Liaison: Sarah Leonard

Outdoor Champions Advisory Committee

The Outdoor Advisory Committee members provide guidance and support to the outdoor champions in growing their knowledge of outdoor skills and resources. This includes providing a platform for the outdoor champions to network with each other. The committee is comprised of current or past outdoor champions. We accept applications on a rolling basis.
Staff Liaison: Pam Wurster

Product Program Advisory Committee

The Product Program Advisory Committee advises the Product Program Team on matters related to the fall Snacks + Magazines program and the spring Cookie program. The committee is comprised of twelve Girl Scouts River Valleys volunteers who meet quarterly with the Product Program staff to discuss and advise on best practices, including logistics, volunteer experience, and girl program. Ideally, committee members provide representation across all quadrants of the council, who are currently serving in roles directly related to the product programs (e.g., troop cookie manager and/or fall product manager, service unit cookie manager and/or fall product manager) for various lengths of role tenure (e.g., one to twenty years volunteer product program experience). Applications are reviewed by the Product Program staff, with the goal to provide broad service unit representation and a variety of experience levels. Applications are accepted March-June.
Staff Liaison: Susan Andersson

Service Unit Manager Mentor Committee

The Service Unit Manager Mentor Committee will be actively involved in providing guidance and support to service unit managers in service units of which they are assigned. The committee will work in partnership with Girl Scouts River Valleys staff to determine the need and priority for each service unit mentor assignment. The committee will meet monthly to discuss and advise on best practices, including volunteer experience, volunteer training, and support needs for Girl Scouts River Valleys service unit managers. Ideally, committee members provide representation across all quadrants of the council, and are volunteers who are or have served as a service unit manager.
Staff Liaison: Rachel Horstman

Volunteer Recognition Award Committee

Volunteer Recognition Award Committee members are responsible for evaluating and approving Girl Scouts River Valleys volunteer recognition awards. The Committee shall perform key tasks in reviewing awards, deliberating on approval of the award, and promotion of the awards to volunteers and members.
Staff Liaison: Rachel Horstman

Governance Volunteer Opportunities

Governance volunteer opportunities are appointed or elected roles as Girl Scouts River Valleys or National delegates, appointed roles on board committees, elected roles on the Board of Directors and Board Development Committee.

Board of Directors

Composed of members from across our council and spanning the private and nonprofit sector, our board of directors guides the direction of Girl Scouts River Valleys. These five executive officers and 20 directors at-large are volunteers and members of Girl Scouts of the USA. Apply Now
Chair: Gayle Hayhurst

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee is responsible for the selection, training and evaluation of the Board of Directors. This committee is always interested in maintaining a highly qualified, diverse pool of candidates for openings as they become available. Apply Now
Chair: Dr. Rachel Wobschall
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the annual audit process and meets at least four times per year. The committee annually recommends to the board the selection of an independent public accounting firm, meets with the external auditors prior to the commencement of the annual audit examination to review their audit plans, scope, and engagement letter, and at the conclusion of the audit to review all auditor reports, including preparation of the IRS Form 990s, 403b3, 5500, and other tax/informational filings. In carrying out this responsibility, the committee shall provide oversight of improving internal control, organizational structure, and operations including internal controls and procedures relating to computerized information systems and disaster recovery plans. Apply Now
Chair: Julie Steinweg
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has the responsibility for making recommendations to the board regarding proposed operating, capital, and investment budgets and for reviewing quarterly financial statements in relation to the budget. It provides guidance for all policy decisions pertaining to financial plans and business investment for the council as it reviews the broad short-term and long-term financial plans, annual benchmarks, the annual operating, and capital budgets. The committee provides oversight of the Investment Sub-Committee (Susanna Gibbons, chair) as well as providing guidance regarding the acquisition, disposition, development, management, and maintenance of the council’s assets and properties. Apply Now
Chair: Pam Axberg
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Investment Sub-Committee

The Investment Sub-Committee provides guidance to the Board and Finance Committee for all policy decisions pertaining to prudent management of the Council’s investments. They comply with all applicable fiduciary, prudence, and due diligence requirements experienced investment professionals would utilize, and with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations from various local, state, federal, and international political entities that may impact the Investment Portfolio, which may include, but not be limited to, investment managers, investment consultants, custodians, attorneys, and accountants. Apply Now
Chair: Susanna Gibbons
Staff Partner: Chris Amundson

Executive Talent and Compensation Committee

The Executive Talent and Compensation Committee ensures that the council’s executive compensation program is in compliance with governmental regulations and in harmony with the council’s mission and operating budget, as well as its overall philosophy on human resource and employee compensation. This working group is accountable to the board. This committee is primarily focused on establishing an executive compensation philosophy and ensuring that the executive compensation program and its respective elements are developed and administered in accordance with that philosophy and applicable governmental regulations. The scope of work may also include providing support and guidance to the CEO in matters regarding compensation design and benchmarking, talent acquisition and development, retention, and succession planning. Apply Now
Chair: Mariela Ampuero
Staff Partner: Carol Lou

National Delegates

National delegates serve for three years and attend the National Council Session, a meeting of Girl Scouts nationwide which happens every three years, and vote on measures as representatives of our council. They also generally participate in a discussion session in the run-up to the National Council Session in order to better represent Girl Scouts River Valleys.
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Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups are centered around a common interest or shared experience. These opportunities are managed and supported by the River Valleys Alumnae Association. For more information contact us.

Volunteer-Organized Groups

Volunteer-organized groups are self-organized groups, that provide community and support to fellow volunteers. Each volunteer-led special group or committee is centered around a common interest or shared experience. Contact us or refer to the volunteer website to learn more about each group.