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Committees and Task Groups

In addition to the elected Board of Directors, volunteer committees and task groups contribute significantly to the success of Girl Scouts River Valleys. Committees and task groups are made up of volunteers such as members of the Board, alums, and community members with particular expertise and a shared passion for the Girl Scout mission.

Committees Prescribed by Council Bylaws

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee is an elected body whose composition and responsibilities are outlined in Article VII of the bylaws.
Chair: Jane Canney
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of officers of the board and three other board members, as selected by the board chair. This committee is the group empowered to act for the board of directors between meetings. The committee’s power and duties are outlined in Article IX of the bylaws.
Chair: Gayle Hayhurst
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Standing Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the annual audit process and meets at least four times per year. The committee annually recommends to the board the selection of an independent public accounting firm, meets with the external auditors prior to the commencement of the annual audit examination to review their audit plans, scope, and engagement letter, and at the conclusion of the audit to review all auditor reports, including preparation of the IRS Form 990s, 403b3, 5500, and other tax/informational filings. In carrying out this responsibility, the committee shall provide oversight of improving internal control, organizational structure, and operations including internal controls and procedures relating to computerized information systems and disaster recovery plans.
Chair: Julie Steinweg
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has the responsibility for making recommendations to the board regarding proposed operating, capital, and investment budgets and for reviewing quarterly financial statements in relation to the budget. It provides guidance for all policy decisions pertaining to financial plans and business investment for the council as it reviews the broad short-term and long-term financial plans, annual benchmarks, the annual operating, and capital budgets. The committee provides oversight of the Investment Sub-Committee (Susanna Gibbons, chair) as well as providing guidance regarding the acquisition, disposition, development, management, and maintenance of the council’s assets and properties.
Chair: Pam Axberg
Staff Partner: Tish Bolger, CEO

National Delegates

National delegates serve for three years and attend the National Council Session, a meeting of Girl Scouts nationwide which happens every three years, and vote on measures as representatives of our council. They also generally participate in a discussion session in the run-up to the National Council Session in order to better represent Girl Scouts River Valleys.

Task Groups

Task groups bring people together to solve a problem. Task groups volunteer service is short in duration and specific in focus.

Other Committees

Highest Awards Committee

Highest Awards Committee members provide guidance and support to Girl Scouts working toward the Silver or Gold Awards, the highest awards available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, which have a strong emphasis on community service and leadership. We accept applications to the Highest Awards Committee on a rolling basis.

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee collects, organizes, and preserves the historical records of the council including photos, memorabilia, uniforms, books, and oral histories. This committee displays and provides information to community historical centers and at the North Star Museum. They also work to maintain Girl Scouts River Valleys’ collection with Minnesota Reflections.

Ad Hoc Committees

From time to time, the Girl Scouts River Valleys board may form ad hoc committees. These committees are formed when they are needed and dissolved when their work is done. Past ad hoc committees have included Bylaws, Engagement, Inclusion, and Property.

Property Committee

The Property Committee was established by the board in 2010 and was dissolved in 2016. Its objective was to optimize the council’s property portfolio.

The Property Committee made recommendations to the board of directors with a strategic focus on a long-range property plan that will meet the council’s future programmatic goals and interests of girls, while balancing environmental issues and the council’s ability to finance and maintain property assets. Learn more about the property committee and their recommendations (PDF).