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Six Girl Scouts standing over the "The Star of the North" symbol in the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda floor.


Inspire. Prepare. Mobilize.

Our time is now. This is our moment to come together, lift our voices, and take action on issues that matter to girls. Today is the day we unite to build an even brighter future for all of us.

At Girl Scouts, we focus on girls, building them to be (s)heros of tomorrow, and equipping them with resources to be active leaders in their communities. That’s why it’s important now—more than ever—to help girls empower themselves to be a positive force for change in the world and unleash their inner confidence to speak up on issues that matter most to them!

Be a Catalyst for Change

Research shows that “the public education system is not creating an adequate civic education foundation for all youth,” and a Girl Scout Research Institute poll found that just 38 percent of girls say their teachers have encouraged them to pursue politics and community leadership.

Be a catalyst for change in your community—and the world! Champion your views, influence leadership, and make the world a better place.

Ways to Get Civically Engaged

Connect with Our Advocacy Team

Whether its scheduling a meeting with your mayor or state senator, working on your democracy badge or advocating for an issue you care about, our team is eager to support you on your journey! Fill out the form below to connect with us.