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Celebrate Changemakers: Giving Every Girl the Power to Change the World

Previous Honorees

The following honorees exemplify the Girl Scout Promise and Law through ethical leadership and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens. These amazing women and girls inspire all of us to dream big and achieve their own goals. 

2022 Honorees
  • Kileyah Harris

    Kileyah Harris - 2022 Changemaker Award Honoree, Apple Valley High School

    Watch Kileya's bio video

    Kileyah is a true leader that knows the importance of ensuring people have fun while feeling valued and heard. She is not afraid to use her voice for good, and her community it better because of it.

  • Katherine Jones

    Katherine Jones - 2022 Changemaker Award Honoree, Mayo High School

    Watch Katherine's bio video

    Katherine is truly an exceptional young person who knows how to lead with grace and confidence.  She is not afraid to step up and lead when others are hesitant, and she finds creative ways to make others comfortable sharing their own skills and strengths.

2021 Honorees
  • Maddy Deitz

    Maddy Dietz - 2021 Changemaker Award Honoree, Interlochen Arts Academy. 

    Watch Maddy's bio video

    Maddy is a senior at Interlochen Arts Academy, and is a Girl Scout Juliette and GSRV Press Corps founder. She moved to Minnesota from Texas and took an active role at Girl Scouts River Valleys right away. Maddy is on the Girl Leadership Board and Gold Award recipient, using the curriculum she wrote for that to teach creative writing workshops. She is a nationally recognized poet, an avid writer, and is passionate about equity in creative education.

    Maddy believes that a Changemaker will listen and consider other people while making change. If they’re trying to make change in a vacuum, they’re only making change for themself. It’s vital to include other people in the work they do. She also believes a Changemaker is brave, trying things even if they’re 95 percent certain it won’t work out and making room for that five percent chance.

  • May Xiong

    May Xiong - 2021 Changemaker Award Honoree, Roseville Area High School

    Watch May's bio video

    May is a senior at Roseville Area High School and has been a Girl Scout since her eighth-grade year. She is the president of her school’s Hmong Club, Peb Haiv, and is a leader in the school’s Asian Cultural Show as well. May leads by example and believes in being an advocate for all. She recently testified in front of Minnesota legislators for the Girl Scout Bill because she believes that Girl Scouts should be accessible to every girl.

    May’s definition of a Changemaker is confident, dependable, honest, and strong. They are willing to learn and want change, they are open to self-growth and criticism. They use the joy they receive to spread to others; they share out of kindness. Most importantly they make sure to listen to everyone and use their voice to express and advocate for those who can’t.

2020 Honorees
  • Amy Kroll
  • Ashley McCray

    Ashley McCray
    Learn more about Ashley

  • Laura Reed
  • Jayshree Seth
  • Huda Abbadi

    Huda Abbadi
    Learn more about Huda

  • Sahana Vandayar

    Sahana Vandayar
    Learn more about Sahana

2019 Honorees
  • Erin Carnish

    Erin Carnish
    Learn more about Erin

  • Carolyn Smallwood

    Carolyn Smallwood
    Learn more about Carolyn

  • Brooke Story
  • Sri Zaheer
  • Elizabeth Neil
  • Jacquline Swen
2018 Honorees
  • Gail Chang Bohr

    Gail Chang Bohr
    Learn more about Gail

  • Sarah Crippen

    Sarah Crippen
    Learn more about Sarah

  • Kweilin Ellingrud

    Kweilin Ellingrud
    Learn more about Kweilin

  • Dee Thibodeau

    Dee Thibodeau
    Learn more about Dee

  • Valentine Chu Kha Vang

    Valentine Chu Kha Vang
    Learn more about Valentine

  • Molly Carroll

    Molly Carroll
    Learn more about Molly

2017 Honorees
  • Adrienne Diercks

    Adrienne Diercks
    Learn more about Adrienne

  • Linda B. Keene

    Linda B. Keene
    Learn more about Linda

  • Jenny Verner

    Jenny Verner
    Learn more about Jenny

  • Sudi Adow
  • Rachelle Johnson

    Rachelle Johnson
    Learn more about Rachelle

2016 Honorees
  • Charlene Altman

    Charlene Altman

  • MayKao Y. Hang

    MayKao Y. Hang

  • Karen L. Himle

    Karen L. Himle

  • Michelle Miller

    Michelle Miller

  • Kate Mortenson

    Kate Mortenson

2015 Honorees
  • Beth Kieffer Leonard

    Beth Kieffer Leonard
    Learn more about Beth

  • Bethany C. Quam

    Bethany C. Quam
    Learn more about Bethany

  • Brenda Cassellius

    Brenda Cassellius
    Learn more about Brenda

  • Lyndel King
  • Megan Remark

    Megan Remark
    Learn more about Megan

  • Michelle Azar
  • Trista Harris

    Trista Harris
    Learn more about Trista

2014 Honorees
  • Andrea Walsh

    Andrea Walsh 

  • Cynthia L. Lesher

    Cynthia L. Lesher

  • Jean B. Sweeney

    Jean B. Sweeney

  • Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith

  • Karen Park Gallivan

    Karen Park Gallivan

  • Sandra L. Vargas

    Sandra L. Vargas

  • Shelly Ibach

    Shelly Ibach

2013 Honorees
  • Cindy Kent

    Cindy Kent

  • Honorable M. Jacqueline Regis

    Honorable M. Jacqueline Regis

  • Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas

    Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas

  • 2013-WOD-Lee-Roper-Baker

                                                                             Lee Roper-Batker

  • Sabra Otteson

    Sabra Otteson

  • Sarena Lin

    Sarena Lin

  • Sharonne Hayes, M.D.

    Sharonne Hayes, M.D.

  • Susan Grafton

    Susan Grafton

2012 Honorees

Distinguished Alum Centennial Champion

  • Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Community Champion Honorees

Women who have made significant contributions as volunteers in the community:

  • Sarah J. Andersen
  • Ellen Anderson
  • Maureen Hooley Bausch
  • Kathy Brynaert
  • Willetha ‘Toni’ Carter
  • Mary Lee Dayton
  • Kaywin Feldman
  • Sara Hietpas Gavin
  • Roxanne Marie Givens
  • Jodi Harpstead
  • Sharon Hollatz
  • Elizabeth ‘Sandy’ Kiernat
  • Barbara ‘Babs’ Gray Koch
  • Mary Lou Kudela
  • Diane Lilly
  • Ellen Goldberg Luger
  • Betty McCollum
  • Kathleen Meyerle
  • Pearl Mitchell Jackson
  • Linda Brekke Mona
  • Joan Mondale
  • Wenda Weekes Moore
  • Rena Moran
  • Ann Porter
  • Joyce Rosene
  • Val Vargas
  • Nancy Wepplo

Forever Green Honorees

Women who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to Girl Scouts:

  • Karen L. Brinkman
  • Dorothea J. Burns
  • Karen Carlson
  • Sandra Clair
  • Sandra ‘Sandy’ Craighead
  • Jean M. Dehning
  • Bonnie Elfering
  • Jane Freeman
  • Doree Gamble
  • Mary Hague Gates
  • Doreen Gloede
  • Barbara A. Johnson
  • Judith Myers Kinsey
  • Nancy Klemek
  • Joan Krikava
  • Florence ‘Moxie’ Moxham
  • Mary-Alice Muraski
  • Lisa Nachbor
  • Susan Navratil
  • Susan Odenthal
  • Barbara Payne
  • Donna Pietsch
  • Kris Pope
  • Sharon Reece
  • Carolyn Sandberg
  • Linda Schroepfer
  • Robin Stegner
  • Beth Voermans

Guide Honorees

Women who have distinguished themselves as mentors to others.

  • Mary Blegen
  • Nancy Randall Dana
  • Marlys Knuth
  • Gloria Lewis
  • Susan MacHolda
  • Kathryn ‘Kathy’ May
  • Deborah L. Montgomery
  • Kimberly Foster Price
  • Kimberly Vappie
  • Phyllis Willerscheidt
  • Nou Yang

Trailblazer Honorees

Women whose pioneering efforts have opened doors for other women.

  • Pamela G. Alexander
  • Ann Bancroft
  • Angie Bastian
  • Sharon Sayles Belton
  • Jacquie Berglund
  • Karen Bohn
  • Jane Davidson
  • Lisa Gangl
  • Joan Anderson Growe
  • Beth Jacob
  • Belinda Jensen
  • Susan Adams Loyd
  • Sarah Lutman
  • Judy Mahle Lutter
  • Sona Mehring
  • Ancy L. Tone Morse
  • Anita M. Pampusch
  • Robin Peterson
  • Diana Pierce
  • Judith Ramaley
  • Jeannine Rivet
  • Robyne Robinson
  • Julie Snow
  • Marilyn DeLano Stewart

Women of Promise Honorees

Women under 35 who have distinguished themselves in their profession or community:

  • Maren Amdal
  • Molly Broman
  • Melisa López Franzen
  • Donnell Hansen
  • Maggie Harris
  • Ashlee Kephart
  • May Lee-Yang
  • Jasmine Brett Stringer
  • Linda Stuart
  • Lindsay Whalen

Honorable MENtions

Men who have distinguished themselves in the Girl Scout community:

  • Don Lee
  • Jeffrey Redmon
  • Chingla Thao

Volunteer Selection Committee Chair

  • Valerie Halverson Pace
2011 Honorees
  • Cathy Hart

    Cathy Hart

  • Janet Yeomans

    Janet Yeomans

  • Jamice Obianyo

    Jamice Obianyo

  • Jody Feragen

    Jody Feragen

  • Judy Kishel

    Judy Kishel

  • Leslie Chapman

    Leslie Chapman

  • Honorable Wilhelmina Wright

    Honorable Wilhelmina Wright

  • Valerie Halverson Pace, Ph.D.

    Valerie Halverson Pace, Ph.D.

2010 Honorees
  • Gail K. Boudreaux

    Gail K. Boudreaux

  • Kim Nelson

    Kim Nelson

  • Mee Moua

    Mee Moua

  • Nancy Lindahl

    Nancy Lindahl

  • Patricia Simmons, M.D.

    Patricia Simmons, M.D.

  • Susan S. Boren

    Susan S. Boren

  • Yvonne Cheung Ho

    Yvonne Cheung Ho

2009 Honorees
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar

  • Deborah Hoppr

    Deborah Hopp

  • Kristina Curry Rogers, Ph.D.

    Kristina Curry Rogers, Ph.D.

  • Gloria Perez

    Gloria Perez

  • Meria Joel Carstarphen, Ed.D.

    Meria Joel Carstarphen, Ed.D.

  • Marianne D. Short, J.D.

    Marianne D. Short, J.D.

  • Pamela J. Moret, J.D.

    Pamela J. Moret, J.D.

  • Sharon G. Ryan

    Sharon G. Ryan

  • Trudy Rautio

    Trudy Rautio