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Celebrate Changemakers

2022 Honorees

Girl Scouts River Valleys Changemakers are exceptionally inspiring local Girl Scouts whose extraordinary leadership and service motivate others to become changemakers in their own communities.

Changemaker Honoree Kileyah

“Girl Scouts is important to me because it has given me many opportunities to learn and try new things. It also introduces girls to a network of friends and connections.” 
- Kileyah

Kileyah is a true leader that knows the importance of ensuring people have fun while feeling valued and heard. She is not afraid to use her voice for good, and her community it better because of it.


Changemaker Honoree Katherine


“Girl Scouts and instilled in me a real love for teamwork and has had a major impact on who I am today. The relationships I’ve formed and the skills I’ve learned from the people around me are truly incredible.”
- Katherine


Katherine is truly an exceptional young person who knows how to lead with grace and confidence.  She is not afraid to step up and lead when others are hesitant, and she finds creative ways to make others comfortable sharing their own skills and strengths.