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Girl Scout Guiding a Horse at Camp

Camp & Outdoors

Girl Scout Camp is a place where girls explore nature, take on new challenges, and develop a stronger sense of self—all in a safe, all-girl environment.

Summer Camp

Join us at Girl Scout Summer Camp! Whether you want to push yourself to the next level on a multi-day wilderness trip, rock climb to new heights along the North Shore, shoot your first bullseye at the archery range, or just get outdoors—we're sure to have something for you. From horses, to water activities, to STEM projects, Girl Scout Summer Camp has it all.


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Year-Round Outdoor Events

Summer camp isn’t the only time to explore the outdoors! Find year-round adventures at


Every Girl in a Tent

It’s time to celebrate our 100-plus-year camping history.

Girl Scouts River Valleys' Every Girl in a Tent program challenges girls to learn new outdoor skills. Be it sleeping in a tent for the first time or canoeing for a full week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, it’s all about spending a night in a non-permanent structure (such as a tent, hammock, or quinzhee) to explore and appreciate the outdoors.

Girls who participate will receive an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark Every Girl in a Tent patch and receive Multi-Night Challenge patches after they reach each milestone – 5, 10, 15, and 20 Nights. These nights don’t need to be all in one trip but cumulated over the year. You can also earn one or both of the NEW add-on patches announced this year.

So, let’s get camping!

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Adventure Club

Exploring the outdoors is a Girl Scout tradition. From hiking to mountain climbing, Girls Scouts of all ages and all skill levels are out in nature and challenging themselves to try something new every day. 

Because of this fearlessness, we at Girl Scout River Valleys invite girls to join Adventure Club! 

Adventure Club encourages girls to get out and have more outdoor adventures than ever before. They choose the activity and once they complete three, they earn their Adventure Club patch. Complete six and they’ll receive exclusive the Adventure Club Pro patch. An Adventure Club activity is one that is mostly outdoors, engages with the natural world, and challenges you to try something new or go further.

Try caving at a council-sponsored event or go horseback riding with the troop–girls choose what to do and when to do it.

Adventure Club is waiting–it’s time to take the leap.

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