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For Snacks & Magazines Sellers

Announcing the 2021 Snacks & Magazines Program dates! Go Day is the first day of fall, Wednesday, September 22, and the sale ends on October 17. We’ll share more information over the summer including the delicious new snack items and fun girl rewards.

Snacks & Magazines, our Fall Product Program, is a great way for troops to start off their year together. Troops can decide to participate in one or more ways so you don’t overlap with other activities. For an easy participation option that involves no physical money collection, you and your troop can even participate in online sales only.    

Visit our Selling Resources page to get all the resources you need to sell Snacks & Magazines, and be sure to check out our Rewards page to see what you can earn. 

Key Dates

Key Snacks & Magazine Program Dates 2021

  • September 22: Snacks & Magazines Go Day. Girls can begin the program!
  • October 17: Sale ends.

More key dates coming soon!


Tips for a Successful Sale

  1. Make sure you are registered for the 2021-2022 Girl Scout Program year, and complete the Snacks & Magazines Responsibility & Permission Form.
  2. Participate in the online Snacks & Magazine Program. Visit and follow the prompts to get started. Please know your troop number before beginning.
  3. Create your girl account. Set up your online account and create your avatar.
  4. Start sending emails to family and friends and taking orders on your Snack Order Card (available on Go Day).
  5. Have fun! Start your year off strong with funds for exciting programs, events, or a Take Action project!