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The 2018 fall product sale (Snacks & Magazines) will be held September 28-October 21. Products, rewards, and other program information will be revealed later this summer. Get ready to meet our 2018 mascot, Maddie the Moose, earn great rewards, and earn proceeds for your troop when we kick off the season.

For Snacks & Magazines Sellers

Snacks & Magazines, our Fall Product program, is a great way for you to help your troop get off to a great start for your new year together. Your troop can decide to participate in one or more ways so you don’t overlap with other activities you have at school. For an easy participation option that involves no physical money collection, you and your troop can even participate in online magazines only.

Visit our Selling Resources page to get all the information you need to sell Snacks & Magaizes, and be sure to check out our Rewards page to see what you can earn.