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The 2018 Girl Scout cookie sale has ended. The 2019 cookie sale will take place February 9 - March 24, 2019. Rewards for 2019  will be announced closer to the cookie sale dates. Until then, check out the 2018 rewards below for an idea of what you can earn.

Cookie Rewards

In addition to learning lots of awesome skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls can earn some exciting rewards! The more you sell, the more you earn!

2018 Reward Highlights

To see all of 2018 rewards, download the 2018 Patches and Fun Items List (PDF) or learn about reward options for Senior and Ambassadors.

Set your selling goal based on the items you’d like to earn. Rewards are cumulative—you will earn rewards at every level you reach. 

  • Sell 24+ packages and earn a theme patch.

  • Sell 85+ packages and earn a drawstring bag.

  • Sell 230+ packages to earn Ella the elephant AND headband OR $5 Cookie Credits.

  • Sell 3,000+ packages and earn lunch with Girl Scouts River Valleys' CEO on May 19, 2018.

If you sold Snacks & Magazines in 2017 and sell 215+ packages of cookies in 2018, you’ll earn this patch!

Additional Reward Information

Rewards Fine Print

The following terms apply to items listed on the 2018 Patches and Fun Items List (PDF).

Note: Items will ship to the address provided by the girl’s family unless otherwise noted.

700+ Packages

Your choice between the Super Seller Event - OR - $25 in Cookie Credits, these credits will arrive with the girl rewards distributed to troops.

The super seller event will be held May 17, 2018 at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. There are no substitutions or alternate dates. Girls will receive two tickets: one for the girl and one for her accompanying adult. Invitation and tickets will be mailed to the girl’s home address on record with Girl Scouts River Valleys.

825+ Packages

Your choice between the following packages:

Camp coupon package: Half-off camp coupon, maximum value of $250. Must be used during the summer of 2018 toward half-off one girl’s 2018 River Valleys’ summer resident camp session or council-approved service unit day camp session, maximum value of $250 (expires August 31, 2018). Half-off camp coupon is not redeemable for cash and is transferable only if authorized by the girl. Coupon will ship directly to the girl’s address on record with Girl Scouts River Valleys.

Elephant duffle & GSRV S’well water bottle package: Package includes a 25-ounce S’well® bottle and elephant duffle. Color of water bottle may vary.

ENO hammock package: Package includes a ENO DoubleNest Hammock and atlas straps. Color may vary.

1000+ Packages

Dream Team Reception + Dream Team patch: Invitation for one girl and two adults to the Dream Team Reception on May 19, 2018 at the Envision Event Center in Oakdale, MN. There are no substitutions or alternate dates.

PLUS your choice of one of the following packages:

$250 in Cookie Credits

Chanhassen package: Package includes two dinner show tickets to show of girl’s choice, plus dessert for two and one souvenir drinkware (if offered for production).

Chromebook package: Model/color may vary.

Custom football jersey & Nike package: Package to include custom youth or women’s football jersey from ($150 value) and girl’s choice of items from Nike ($100 value).

1500+ Packages

Your choice of one of the following packages - OR - $300 in Cookie Credits:

128 GB iPod Touch package: Color may vary.

Zipline package: Available for girls at the Junior level and above. Package includes two zipline tours, two t-shirts, and one GoPro camera rental at Kerfoot Canopy Tour in Henderson, MN.

American Girl Doll package: Girl can select American Girl Doll and accessories of her choice (up to $300 value).

2000+ Packages

Your choice between the following packages - OR - $500 in Cookie Credits:

iPad & portable projector package: Package includes iPad, adapter, and portable projector. Model/color may vary.

Duluth experience package: Overnight stay for two at Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior to include standard room, breakfast for two, and a $25 gift card for gas expense. Total value of $500.

Receiving Cookie Rewards

Cookie rewards, including Cookie Credits, are sent to your service unit cookie manager, who then hands them out to your troop, and then your troop will give them out to you (and your sister Girl Scouts). Cookie Credits are typically sent in April and the remaining rewards are sent in May.

A few select rewards, at the highest levels, are sent directly to girls. If you reach one of these levels, we will mail you instructions in April—and congrats on a job well done!

Cookie Credits are a special type of reward that help you further your Girl Scout experience. Going to camp this summer? Or working on a Higher Award project? Cookie Credits can help you pay for lots of exciting Girl Scout activities.

Cookie Credits can be redeemed for:

  • Council-approved day camp
  • Official service unit encampments
  • River Valleys’ resident camps
  • Any River Valleys’ program event
  • Girl Scout Shop and Camp Trading Post purchases
  • GSUSA membership dues and GSUSA lifetime membership
  • GSUSA destinations
  • Council-approved Girl Scout Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador extended troop trips
  • Completed Girl Scout Bronze Award projects
  • Approved and completed Girl Scout Silver and Girl Scout Gold Award projects

Girls should make decisions as to how they will use their Cookie Credits—whether for their own use or for the benefit of the troop.


Cookie Credits expire mid-September in the year following the Cookie Program season during which they were earned. For example, 2018 Cookie Credits will expire in September 2019. Cookie Credits being used for extended troop trips and lifetime membership have an extended expiration date for two more years. See the back of your Cookie Credits for full details.

Options for Senior & Ambassador Troops

Senior and Ambassador troops (and Senior/Ambassador Juliettes) have the choice to opt out of receiving rewards and Cookie Credits to instead earn an additional $.05 per package sold. Girl may choose to do this because they prefer the extra proceeds to help their entire troop complete activities instead of receiving individual rewards. If your Senior or Ambassador troop wishes to do this, you must contact us before the end of the cookie sale.

This decision must be made by a troop as a whole. If your Senior or Ambassador troop chooses the opt out, the girls will still receive all patches earned, in addition to the troop receiving an additional $.05 per package sold.

Did you know?! You can also earn patches and fun items for participating in the Cookie Donation Program!