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The 2022 Girl Scouts River Valleys Cookie Program will run February 19 – March 27.

Cookie Rewards

In addition to learning lots of awesome skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls can earn some exciting rewards. The more you sell, the more you earn!

2022 Reward Highlights

To see all of 2022 rewards, download the 2022 Patches and Fun Items List (Coming soon) or learn about reward options for Senior and Ambassadors.

Set your selling goal based on the items you’d like to earn. Rewards are cumulative—you will earn rewards at every level you reach. 

  • Sell 25+ packages and earn the 2022 Theme Patch.

  • Sell 215+ packages and earn a Totally Koalafied Goal Getter T-shirt OR $5 Cookie Credits.

  • Sell 275+ packages to earn the Goal Getter Patch & Koala Charm & Bracelet OR $5 Cookie Credits.

  • Sell 1000+ packages and become part of the 2022 Dream Team! You’ll receive an invitation to our special Dream Team event in Spring 2022.

  • Sell 3,000+ packages and become part of Club 3,000 to earn fun cookie swag & an invitation to a Club 3000 special event.

  • Girl Scout Cookie Crossover Personalized Patch - If you sent 15 emails in the fall product program and sell 300+ packages of cookies you’ll earn this patch!

Online Rewards

  • 55+ Packages for Cookie Techie Patch

  • 100+ Packages for "I sold 100" Boost Bar

  • 200+ Packages for Selfie Ring Light

Troop Per Girl Average (PGA) Rewards

  • 235+ PGA Packages for Headband

  • 335+ PGA Packages for Climb with Courage Socks

  • 435+ PGA Packages for Climb with Courage Hoodie

Donation Rewards

  • 10+ Packages for Donation Boost Bar

  • 25+ Packages for Koala Enamel Pin

  • 55+ Packages for Adventurefuls Enamel Pin

Koala Krew Patch - Girls support the Animal Humane Society through the power of Girl Scout Cookies. At the 125 package level, girls have the option to make a donation to support animals going through the rescue program with Animal Humane Society. Each girl that participates in this program will earn the Koala Krew patch.


Additional Reward Information

Receiving Cookie Rewards

Cookie rewards are sent to your service unit cookie manager, who then hands them out to your troop, and then your troop will give them out to you (and your sister Girl Scouts). Girl and troop rewards will be shipped in mid-May.

A few select rewards, at the highest levels, are sent directly to girls. If you reach one of these levels, we will mail you instructions in April—and congrats on a job well done!

Cookie Credits are a special type of reward that help you further your Girl Scout experience. Going to camp this summer? Or working on a Higher Award project? Cookie Credits can help you pay for lots of exciting Girl Scout activities. Girls that select Cookie Credits will receive an email featuring a code, valued for the total number of Cookie Credits earned as selected by the girl. Girls will use this code to redeem towards the options below:

Girls should make decisions as to how they will use their Cookie Credits—whether for their own use or for the benefit of the troop.


Typically, Cookie Credits expire mid-September in the year following the Cookie Program season during which they were earned. Cookie Credits being used for extended troop trips and lifetime membership have an extended expiration date for two more years.

2022 Cookie Credits will expire on September 15, 2023.

See Cookie Credit & Fall FUNds Policy

See Electronic Program Credits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Options for Senior & Ambassador Troops

Options for Senior & Ambassador Troops:

Senior and Ambassador troops (and Senior/Ambassador Juliettes) have the choice to opt out of receiving rewards and Cookie Credits to instead earn an additional $.05 per package sold. Girls may choose to do this, because they prefer the extra proceeds to help their entire troop complete activities instead of receiving individual rewards. If your Senior or Ambassador troop wishes to do this, you must contact us before the end of the cookie sale.

This decision must be made by a troop as a whole. If your Senior or Ambassador troop chooses the opt out, the girls will still receive all patches earned, in addition to the troop receiving an additional $.05 per package sold.


Did you know?! You can also earn patches and fun items for participating in one of our Cookie Donation Programs!