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About Snacks & Magazines

The 2020 Fall Product Program (Snacks & Magazines sale) has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated this year. Check back in the summer for next year's sale dates.

Participating in the Snacks & Magazines Program (also known as Fall Product), is a terrific learning experience that helps girls develop important skills while connecting with friends & family members. This quick and easy program features one order and one delivery for both snack items and girl rewards.

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What Is Snacks & Magazines?

Girls can sell magazine subscriptions and delicious snacks, like nuts and chocolates, to their friends and family. The funds earned during this fall program can go toward troop activities, like take action projects, badge-earning events, fun outings, and more. Participation in this program also prepares girls and troops for success in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Meet the 2020 Mascot

Each year the program's theme is centered around a different animal or character. Meet this year's mascot, Sofia, the Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth from the Isla Escudo de Veraguas, off the coast of Panama. She and her family enjoy swimming, snacking on leaves, and outsmarting predators in the red mangrove trees where they live. Due to habitat destruction, these sloths are critically endangered, and Sofia is one of less than one hundred Pygmy Three-Toed Sloths in the world. She was chosen as this year's mascot to bring awareness to this endangered species.

How You Can Support

Girl Scout families and friends can support a girl’s troop by renewing their favorite magazines, subscribing to new magazines, or ordering snacks. When you purchase our fall products, troops earn $1 per nut/chocolate item sold and $3 per magazine subscription sold. This helps girls cover some of the costs of having a great Girl Scout year.

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Psst, here’s a tip: these items make great holiday gifts!


Care to Share Program

Help local struggling families and seniors experiencing hunger by contributing towards our Care to Share program (in $7 increments). With your help, Girl Scouts River Valleys will donate products to Second Harvest Heartland and Channel One Regional Food Bank after the program ends.

Volunteer Resources

Involved in the Snacks & Magazines Program this year? Visit for training and resources.