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Leadership Team

When Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in 1912, she understood that dedicated and dynamic leaders were vital to helping girls develop their full potential. With the support, vision, and commitment of our leadership team, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to find–and become–leaders in their communities and the world.

  • Marisa C. Williams

    Marisa C. Williams

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Chris Amundsen

    Chris Amundsen

    Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
    800-845-0787 x4115

  • Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson

    Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson

    Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer
    800-845-0787 x1219

  • Janet Gracia

    Janet Gracia

    Chief Culture Officer
    800-845-0787 x1232

  • Sarah Kuenle

    Sarah Kuenle

    Chief Development Officer
    800-845-0787 x1144

  • Susan Andersson

    Susan Andersson

    Vice President of Volunteer Engagement and Product Program
    800-845-0787 x4119

  • Brianna Belmore

    Brianna Belmore

    Director of Customer Care and Member Services
    800-845-0787 x1321

  • Brenda Dege

    Brenda Dege

    Senior Director of Finance and Accounting
    800-845-0787 x1205

  • Coco Du

    Coco Du

    Vice President of Community Engagement
    800-845-0787 x1258

  • Jasmine Graves

    Jasmine Graves

    Director of Girl Experience and Troop Leader Support
    800-845-0787 x1119

  • Breanne Hegg

    Breanne Hegg

    Vice President of Programs and Recruitment
    800-845-0787 x1229

  • Eileen Kapsa

    Eileen Louiselle

    Senior Director of Property Management
    800-845-0787 x1221

  • Liana Michelfelder-Tessum

    Liana Michelfelder-Tessum

    Director of Recruitment
    800-845-0787 x1316

  • Aichi Mongi

    Aichi Mongi

    Director of Information Services
    800-845-0787 x1246

  • Kristen Neurer

    Kristen Neurer

    Vice President of Member Engagement
    800-845-0787 x1241

  • Keziah Ojika

    Keziah Ojika

    Director of Community Cultivation and Partnerships
    800-845-0787 x1626

  • Claire Repp

    Claire Repp

    Director of Marketing and Communications
    800-845-0787 x1245

  • Lindsay Selvig

    Lindsay Selvig

    Director of Strategy and Analytics
    800-845-0787 x1132

  • Sara Shaw Meyer

    Sara Shaw Meyer

    Director of Development
    800-845-0787 x1242

  • Ashley Tepe

    Ashley Tepe

    Director of Volunteer Engagement
    800-845-0787 x4791

  • Jennifer Tschida

    Jennifer Tschida

    Camp Program Director
    800-845-0787 x1558