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Renew Your Membership

We have a ton of fun in store for Girl Scout members this year! With one-of-a-kind experiences for girls—like our new mountain bike program—and perks for the whole family—like being able to rent a cabin or campsite at our camps, your Girl Scout membership grants you access to a world of adventure.

As life keeps changing, we know girls need the connection and community Girl Scouts provides now more than ever. Renewing her membership gives her the opportunity to participate in engaging programming (like our badge mashup events), attend camp, and flex her entrepreneurial skills by participating in our fall product and cookie programs.

We know it can be tricky to navigate the unknowns of COVID as a troop, and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to be a troop leader this year. We've got troop leaders covered with free Zoom licenses, grab-and-go virtual activity plans AND COVID-safe in-person activity plans, and access to cool new virtual programs that allow you to attend as a troop but we do all of the work!


Girl Scout memberships work on our program year, which runs October 1 – September 30. The cost of a 2021 membership is $25.

Renewal FAQs

How do I renew my girl?

Families can renew their girl’s membership for the upcoming Girl Scout year by logging into MyGS. Their username is the email at which they receive Girl Scout communications. For trouble logging in, use the “Forgot Your Password” link. Contact us for further assistance logging in, if necessary.

What does my daughter get for the $25 membership fee?

Reduced-price and member-only programs and camps (in-person and virtual), retail discounts, and access to reduced-price and member-only cabin and campsite rentals.

Who can renew?

As an individual who is a current member, you can renew yourself. As a parent or guardian, you can renew membership for your family. As a troop leader, you can renew membership for the girls and adults in your troop.

What if my troop leader isn't sure about renewing, but my girl does?

Renew her membership and she will still have access to all of our amazing programs and camps. Your girl can also participate in Girl Scouts as an individual through our Juliette program if the troop decides to disband.

Why should I renew during Early Bird?

Early Bird season is Girl Scouts River Valleys’ spring renewal opportunity where members can renew for the upcoming year and receive great perks, like exclusive Early Bird patch and gives girls a head start on summer activities like Every Girl in a Tent.

What about financial assistance and Cookie Credits?

Girls and adults who are requesting financial assistance must renew membership individually, not with their troop. Troop leaders cannot request financial assistance on behalf of a girl.

To use Cookie Credits for membership, please complete renewal on paper and submit with their Cookie Credits as payment. Please contact us to request a paper form.

How does an adult register for more than one troop?

All current volunteer positions, including all troop and service unit positions, will auto populate during the volunteer renewal. If a volunteer has positions with more than one troop, they will also show up. If a troop doesn’t show up, please finish registering and then contact us.

Do I need another background check?

Adult Girl Scout members holding a Girl Scout volunteer role are required to complete a background check every three years. The background check is at no cost to the volunteer and is completed online.

Following the completion of 2020 membership renewal, all volunteers who have not completed a background check in previous years, or have not completed a background check in the past three years, will be asked to complete a background check.

Volunteers completing the background check will receive two emails, one from Girl Scouts River Valleys and one from the background check vendor, including specific directions on completing the background check.

Twelfth-grade Girl Scout bridging to adult?

Twelfth-grade Girl Scout Ambassadors will receive a direct mailing in April from Girl Scouts of the USA providing them with information on registering as an adult Girl Scout for 2020 or as a lifetime member. A young alum lifetime membership (women ages 18-30) is available at the reduced cost of $200 (regularly priced at $400).

Graduating seniors choosing to continue as annual, rather than lifetime members, should reach out to the council for assistance registering into an adult role.

Do I need to renew if I have a Lifetime membership?

Lifetime members must confirm their volunteer role(s) for the 2020–2021 membership year in MyGS. This ensures we have accurate information about how you are participating this year. There is no payment required to confirm your role.

How do I receive Early Bird perks if I have a Lifetime membership?

To qualify as an Early Bird, Lifetime members must confirm their volunteer role(s) for the 2020–2021 membership year by July 10, 2020 in MyGS. There is no payment required to confirm your role.

Family Renewal Instructions

Families can renew their membership for the upcoming Girl Scout year by logging into MyGS. Their username is the email at which they receive Girl Scout communications. For trouble logging in, use the “Forgot Your Password” link. Contact us online or call 800-845-0787 for further assistance logging in, if necessary.

The following guide walks you through the process of renewing your family online.

Renew Membership for Family Members

1. Once you log into the Member Community, you will be on the “Membership” tab. This tab shows the members of your family, their history in Girl Scouts, and which troops each member is affiliated with. Start by changing your view from “Current Year” to “Next Year” at the top right.

Chose 'Next Year' From the Drop Down

2. Next, use the drop-down menu to select which family members to renew and the roles you would like to renew them for.

  • To take a member out of a troop or volunteer role or troop, choose “Don't Renew - Cancel” for that member.
  • If you aren't sure, choose “Renew Later” and move ahead.
  • If you see “Inactive” or “Contact Council” for a role you would like to renew, please contact us.
Select 'Renew' From the Drop Down Menu

3. Click “Continue” to move to the next step.

4. Next, to confirm that your family accepts the Girl Scout Promise and Law, check the acceptance box and click “Continue.”

5. You will now be brought to the payment page.

  • You may add a donation to your order to help keep Girl Scouting accessible to all girls.
  • Adults who chose "Renew Now" in the first tab will be given the option to upgrade to lifetime membership.
  • Check the “Request Aid” box to request financial assistance in paying membership dues for any family member (not available on lifetime memberships).

Payment Screen

6. You will be asked to confirm your purchase. Click “Submit” if everything is correct.

7. Once you see a “Thank You!” page, you’re all finished! You will receive an email shortly confirming your renewal.

Add New Adult or Girl Member to Your Household

1. Scroll to the bottom of the “Membership“ tab to the “Add a New Member” section. Select either “Girl” or “Adult” and click “Go.”

2. The next screen will vary depending on whether you selected “Girl” or “Adult” in step 1. Fill out these fields as completely as possible. If you select “Adult,” you will have the option to register as a volunteer or only as a member. If you select the second member-only option, you will bypass the next screen and go straight to step 4.

When selecting girl's school grade, please keep in mind:

  • Until June 30 families should enter the girls grade for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • After June 30 families should enter the girls grade for the 2020 school year.
  • If you are adding a girl entering kindergarten in fall 2020 please enter "Pre-K" in the grade level field.
  • Girl Registration Screen

    Girl Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

  • Enter Adult Information

    Adult Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

3. Next, you will brought to the “opportunity catalog.”

  • If you’re adding a girl to your household, choose a troop that will work for your family, or choose a placeholder troop with a title like “Looking for a Troop,” and our staff will contact you to help find a new troop.
  • If you’re adding an adult to your household, choose the role you would like, or type “unsure” in the Troop # box and our staff will contact you to finalize role placement.
  • Ways to Participate Screen

    Girl Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

  • Select a Volunteer Role Screen

    Adult Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

4. On the “Membership” page, you will enter the rest of the contact information necessary for Girl Scout membership. Be sure to choose the correct membership year:

  • Most people should choose “$35 Ext Year Membership (Valid 5/1/2020-9/30/2021)” if you are interested in participating in the upcoming school year. Choose this option when adding a girl entering Kindergarten in fall 2020.
  • Only choose “$25 Membership (Valid 10/1/2019–9/30/2020)” if you are only planning to participate in activities for this summer, like camp or swim team. To participate in the fall, you will need to purchase 2021 membership in October.
  • Girl Registration Screen

    Girl Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

  • Become a Member Screen

    Adult Next Screen

    Enlarge Image

5. Next, you will accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law for the new household member.

Promise and Law Screen

6. Then, you will arrive at the “Payment” screen.

  • There is an option to add a donation to the transaction (this option will not appear if financial assistance is requested).
  • If adding an adult member, you will see an option to purchase a lifetime membership.
  • If financial assistance is requested, you will skip the next screens and arrive directly at the “Thank You” page, step 8.

Payment Screen

7. Next, you must confirm the purchase before completing the transaction.

8. Once you see a “Thank You” page, you’re all set! 

Update Family Contact Information

1. From the “Membership” tab of the Member Community, click “Edit Profile Details For/Of Household Members” OR click “Family Profile.”

Girl Scout Household Screen

2. Click “Edit” next to each household member you would like to edit. Information must be updated separately on each member's record—nothing is automatically applied across the household.

Family Profile Screen

3. On the next screen, you can edit most information that we have for members. Please contact us if you need to edit the following fields, as they are not editable in the Member Community:

  • Girl: Gender, Date of Birth, Grade
  • Adult: Date of Birth

Edit Family Member Information Screen

4. Click “Save,” and you will see a confirmation screen. 

Troop Renewal Instructions

Troop leaders who are planning to renew their troop’s memberships have until September 30, 2020 (the last day of the 2019-2020 Girl Scout membership year). After that date, families will need to renew their girl’s membership individually.

Troop leaders can find renewal instructions for their troop at