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Girl Scouts at Work — Making River Valleys a Better Place

Council Project Updates

Girl Scouts is at work this year, and we’re making River Valleys a better place for girls. We’re thrilled to share news about all the improvements we’ll be making. We are working to enrich the quality and breadth of our program offerings, continuing to invest in supporting volunteers, and enhancing and updating our camps, service centers, shops, and troop spaces within our properties. Whew! It’s going to be amazing.


Girl Scouts River Valleys is undertaking an ambitious capital project at Camp Elk River with property enhancements and expansions designed to create safe and engaging spaces for thousands of girls and adults each year.  

Check out the work in progress and get sneak peek at this gorgeous property:

Every year, Camp Elk River provides girls with an extraordinary place to find their strengths and tackle challenges as they navigate activities at the campsite and along the trail.

Through projects like this one, we are growing our capacity to ensure that all girls can take on challenges, explore the world, and discover their inner leader at Girl Scout Camp. We’re excited to give girls a unique place where they can step outside their comfort zone, experience the wonder of horses, and spend time in nature.

Camp Elk River's Whispering Prairie Equestrian Neighborhood

Capital improvements at Camp Elk River will center on Whispering Prairie, a new equestrian neighborhood that will make every moment girls have with our horses a learning moment. The Whispering Prairie area is a project within Camp Elk River that would enable Girl Scouts River Valleys to expand our camp programs.

Whispering Prairie will include cabins, a multipurpose program center, and a sheltered riding arena. Combined with other camp maintenance and improvement projects, Whispering Prairie will provide girls with more ways to learn and lead than ever before.

Barn & Covered Riding Arena

A beautiful, new equestrian barn with sheltered saddling, grooming, and riding areas will allow River Valleys to accommodate additional horses and more campers! In a region where unpredictable spring and fall weather can often interfere with outdoor riding, this sheltered space will enable girls to learn and ride no matter the weather conditions.

Covered Riding Arena

Program Center

During the summer, our new program center will focus on horse camp programs, serving as classroom space for our equestrians to learn about barn safety, horse biology, tack, and equipment. During the rest of the year, the center will house other camp programs and events for girls and volunteers.

Diagram of the Program Center at Whispering Prairie


Whispering Prairie will feature two new duplex cabins with charming porches and bunk beds. Each of the 4 units can house 10 girls and 4 adult chaperones, for a total of 40 girls and 16 adults. With 8 weeks of camp, that's 320 girls and 128 adults every summer!

Diagram of Cabins at Whispering Prairie

Hey Girl Scouts, Let’s Get Building

Here’s a brief look at some of the projects we’re working on.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we make our properties and spaces as awesome as the girls and volunteers who use them! We’ll be updating this information as more becomes available and as timelines change.

Camp Elk River
  • Repair building and grounds in Gray Koch and Timbermeade area
  • Develop a master plan for an enhanced equestrian area
  • Begin with a new horse stable and troop cabins
Camp Lakamaga
  • Repair roof of Annie Paper Dining Hall
  • Repair Mary Randall Troop House chimney, re-roof Old Lodge/Art Studio, re-roof Program Center, rebuild wash stand stations
Camp Singing Hills
  • Make necessary repairs to Dining Hall
  • Make necessary repairs to Program Center
Camp Northwoods
  • Make necessary repairs to Thunderbird Lodge
Camp Edith Mayo and Edith Mayo Program Center
  • Finish Program Center remodel
  • Renovate historic lodge to a three-season program space
  • Landscape area near Program Center and historic lodge
  • Build troop cabins or yurts, build day-camp shelters, and install toilet stations
  • Design master plan for campground with program elements

Check out these updated signs at Edith Mayo Program Center—a nice improvement!

Directional Road Signs and Edith Mayo Program Center
Brooklyn Center Service Center

Brooklyn Center Service Center

Complete the interior remodel (that was started last year). It’s already coming along quickly!

Photos of the Shop Interior, A Table Outside the Center Entrance, and New Office Cubicals
St. Paul Service Center


We’re working on an interior renovation, including retail shop and troop and service unit program space. We began a remodeling project in March 2017 to create a productive work space that is inviting for girls and volunteers and supports the Girl Scout mission.

The project will be completed in several phases, with the first phase projected to be completed by fall 2017. The Girl Scout Shop and lobby areas have been relocated during this time. We’re doing our best to make your upcoming visits to the Shop and with our customer care team the best they can be—so “pardon our dust” and, by all means, please still come in and visit us!

St. Paul Service Center Shop Interior