Collection Problem Report

This form is to be used by the Troop or Service Unit Fall Product or Cookie Managers when there is a financial problem that has occurred during the Snacks + Magazines and/or Cookie Sale.

Finance Problems include:

  • ACH Refund Request (due to data entry error in nut-E or Snap)
  • Bank Fees Reimbursement Request (due to high deposit activity)
  • Excess Troop (Cookie Sale only)
  • Family Outstanding Balance to Troop
  • Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader Outstanding Balance to Troop
  • Juliette Troop Outstanding Balance to River Valleys
  • Returned Check (NSF/account closed) Reimbursement Request
  • Stolen Product/Money
  • Troop Proceeds Refund Request (Snacks + Magazine Sale only)