Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials provides all the information you need to be a successful Girl Scout volunteer. This guide is filled with information about Girl Scouting such as traditions, responsibilities, awards, and awards. You will also find information specific to volunteering with Girl Scouts River Valleys, such as tools, resources, and policies.

Download the full Volunteer Essentials guide, and use it in combination with the online resources organized by section below and our other online resources and trainings.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of girls!

Sharing Your Unique Gifts

No matter how you volunteer with Girl Scouts, your time and energy investment will pay back tenfold. This section, which begins on page 12, introduces Volunteer Essentials, the role of a Girl Scout volunteer, and how to get the help and resources you need.

Online Resources for Sharing Your Unique Gifts

Girl Scouting as a National Experience

Girl Scouts have incredible opportunities to grow their leadership skills, develop lifelong friendships and earn awards. In this section, which begins on page 15 of Volunteer Essentials, learn about the resources available to girls and leaders as they travel through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience together.

Online Resources for Girl Scouting as a National Experience

Engaging Girls at All Grade Levels

In this section, which begins on page 29 of Volunteer Essentials, you will learn the best practices for planning and creating good girl-led meetings. You will also find resources for understanding girls’ development and including girls of all abilities.

Online Resources for Engaging Girls at All Grade Levels


In Safety-Wise, which begins on page 40 of Volunteer Essentials, you will learn your responsibilities for keeping girls safe. Safety-Wise includes checklists and resources required for Girl Scout activities.

Safety-Wise Training Video

Offline Training Guide: Safety-Wise

Online Resources for Safety-Wise

Managing Group Finances

Managing Group Finances, which begins on page 54 of Volunteer Essentials, gives you an overview about setting up group accounts, helping girls manage their finances, safety requirements about product sales, and how to collaborate with sponsors and causes.

Online Resources for Managing Group Finances

Finance-Related Online Trainings

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account Resources + Notes

  • Since creating this video, the Wells Fargo procedure has changed slightly. Instead of referencing the Designated Bankers spreadsheet, just call your local branch and ask for an appointment with the banker familiar with Girl Scout accounts.
  • Offline Training Guide: Opening a Bank Account

Managing Girl Scout Money

Volunteer Policies + Standards

This section, which begins on page 63 of Volunteer Essentials, covers all of the polices, rules, and standards that guide your volunteer experience.

Online Resources for Volunteer Policies + Standards

Girl Scout Shop + Camp Locations