New Volunteers

We value you as a volunteer and know that providing great learning resources is key to your happiness and your success in Girl Scouts. These trainings are designed to help you get up and running in your new volunteer role.

Start with River Valleys Orientation, and then work with others that apply to your position. Please also look through our other training topics to find other resources to help you be a successful Girl Scout Volunteer.

New Leader Online Trainings + Resources

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Intro to River Valleys (6:49)

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Cookie Selling Safety (2:38)

Cookie Selling Safety Resources

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Family Meetings (13:27)

Learn about family meetings and how they can help you collaborate with families in your troop and keep them engaged.

Family Meeting Resources

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Introduction to Inclusion (5:50)

Inclusion Resources

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Managing Girl Scout Money (5:51)

Managing Money Resources

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Mission, Promise + Law (2:21)

Learn how and when to use the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.

Mission, Promise + Law Resources

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Opening a Bank Account (5:24)

Opening a Bank Account Resources + Notes

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Troop Meetings – Plan Your Year (4:29)

Learn about our Plan Your Year resources to help troop leaders quickly and easily prepare for Girl Scout troop meetings.

Plan Your Year Webinar (12:18)

In this more in-depth video, you will learn more about the Plan Your Year resource, along with information about our full Planning Guides and tips for leading your troop

Plan Your Year Resources

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Safety-Wise (7:36)

Safety-Wise Resources

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Welcoming a New Girl (4:07)

Welcoming a New Girl Resources

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