Equipment Check Out

Volunteers can check out or rent program kits and other equipment from GSRV service centers for activities with girls. Use this form to reserve items.

Contact your local service center for any questions about items or their availability.

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Award, Ceremony + Presentation Supplies
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Portable Bridge

Camping Supplies
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Cook kits/Unit boxes
Dutch ovens
Roasting forks
Roasting forks (kosher)
Pie irons
Propane stove
Jackknife sets

Cookie + Product Sale Items
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Cookie Costumes
Cookie Incentive Kit
Cookie Banners
Cookie Table Cloth
Fall Product
Recognition Kit

Flags + Banners
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
United States flag
Minnesota flag
Wisconsin flag
Girl Scouts flag
Girl Scouts banner
River Valleys
Be Yourself Banner
Banner 1
pop-up banner with stand
Brownie flag
Daisy flag
Parade banner
Flag sets
Flag stands
Gold Award banner
Silver Award banner
Bronze Award banner
International flags
(table-top set)
international flags
Flag carry belts

Inclusion Resources

These items may be transported to other service centers for your troop’s use. Please allow two weeks for transportation.

Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Accessible Tents
(Freedom Tents)
PACER Puppets
Including Samuel (DVD)

Other Resources
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Candle holders
Trefoil candles
and stand
Historical Girl Scout
Historical Girl Scout
Tanagram wooden
Girl Scouts
wooden train
First aide kit
GPS units
Jewelry kit

Sports + Outdoor Equipment
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Archery equipment
Badminton Sets
Baseball bases
and bats
Beach balls
Bean bags
Bean bag toss stand
Ropes for
large-group games
Bowling sets
Exercise Sets
Flag football belts
Foam balls
Foam paddles
Hand lenses
Hula hoops
Jackknife sets
Jump rope and
double-dutch sets
Lummi sticks
Noodle sets
Potato sacks
Rope for knots
playground balls
Score boards
Soccer balls
Soccer goal
Softball set
Table tennis set
Walking boards
Wiffle balls


Use OTTER (Outdoor Tips & Tricks for Environmental Resource Stewardship) Kits to earn the OTTERS base patch, available in the council shop. Girls can earn add-on fish patches for every additional OTTERS kit completed.

Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Buggin' Out

Brownie through Cadette

Activities about insects including scavenger hunts, inventing insects, and observing insects.

Financial Literacy Kit

Daisy through Ambassador

Learn about fitness by trying a variety of physical skills. The kit includes directions and most of the supplies for 8 activity stations.

Cooperative Games

Junior + Cadette

Work together and think creatively with games that focus on fun for all instead of winners and losers. The activities can be done either outside or in an open space inside.

Introduction to Nature

Daisy through Cadette

Mix of quiet and active activities involving camouflage, animal recognition, predator/prey, and trivia games. 

Nature Awareness

Daisy through Cadette

Use your senses of sight, touch, and smell in the out-of-doors. Best for hikes or backyard exploring, and includes creative writing activities


Junior + Cadette

Learn how to tell the age of a tree and its life story, what it needs to survive, what may live in the tree, and write a poem about what you’ve learned. Some activities need to be done outside. 

Wildlife Wonders

Daisy through Cadette

Investigate a variety of wildlife such as birds, moles, and other critters with active games and craft projects. Activities can be done inside. Some require a large play area.


Program Kits
Brooklyn Center Rochester St. Paul
Building + Architecture

Daisy through Ambassador

Learn about architecture by trying a variety of activities from the Building Art Try-It, the Architecture Badge, and the Architecture and Environmental Design Interest Project Patch. Kit includes activity directions, resources, and many of the supplies needed to complete the awards.

Financial Literacy

Daisy through Ambassador

Learn about fitness by trying a variety of physical skills. The kit includes directions and most of the supplies for 8 activity stations.

Follow Me Girls

Daisy through Ambassador

Follow Me Girls history patch program offers troops or individual girls an opportunity to learn about the history of Girl Scouting in the USA and in Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. A resource kit with activity materials is available at each service center for check out.


Daisy through Ambassador

Includes activities, resources, and program materials to explore sports and women athletes. Activities include a variety of sports and specific techniques designed to teach girls skills and keep their bodies physically active.

Girls in Space Astronomy

Daisy through Ambassador

Explore the night sky through a variety of hands-on activities. Each kit contains an astronomy curriculum, planispheres, a green laser, Galileoscopes, field guide books, moon maps, and much more. The curriculum will serve as both a comprehensive leader guide and instruction manual on how to utilize the equipment, instructions for the hands-on activities geared for multiple age-levels, and also an explanation of the science behind astronomy and the exploration.

Go Green Girl!

Daisy through Ambassador

This kit is the starting point for troops interested in designing and implementing a service project to reduce waste in their community; as well as includes community resources that will help you and your troop to have less of an impact on the environment. This kit also contains the Go Green Girl! Tool Kit and Patch program information.

Healthy Relationships

Junior + Cadette

Learn about issues related to friendship, bullying, respect, and inclusion by trying a variety of interactive and discussion-based activities. Includes directions and many of the supplies needed to complete the activities.


Daisy + Brownie

This kit contains materials for girls to explore math through a variety of fun and easy games and activities. Girls will investigate a variety of math topics beyond the realm of classroom math.

Physical Sciences

Daisy through Cadette

Kit includes background information, activities, resources, and program materials for your troop to explore a variety of science areas related to matter and energy. Science areas are broken into suggested program grade levels but can be adapted for younger or older girls depending on your troop’s interests and abilities.

Program Aide Training

Cadette through Ambassador

Girls explore the skills needed to lead younger girls at troop or Service Unit meetings, encampments, Council Sponsored events, and at day or resident camp. The training will help girls identify the skills and talents they can share with others. It will also give them tools for working with different age groups, giving clear directions, leading songs and games, and dealing with conflict resolution situations. Program copies are made by the facilitator.


Daisy through Ambassador

The Safety Kit gives girls an opportunity to learn about and practice staying safe in a variety of situations.

Uniquely ME!

Junior + Cadette

The Uniquely ME! kit includes program curriculum, activities, resources, and materials for your troop to address the challenges girls face in their daily lives. It has been designed to help girls build selfconfidence and self-esteem, develop healthy relationships, and take care of their bodies and minds.