Troop Leaders

Troop leaders are at the core of many girls’ scouting experience. In this section, you will find the tools and information you need to support girls at each Girl Scout level.

new-leader-guide-coverHey New Troop Leaders!

We’re so excited to have you on board! Be sure to check out our New Leader Guide, which includes helpful advice for getting your troop going, some Girl Scout lingo, and tips to lead your troop with gusto. You can download the guidebook as a PDF or as an ebook.

You can also download a packet for new leaders that includes Safety-Wise (how to keep girls safe – our number one priority!), common forms you may use, and more.

Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisies: Kindergarten + First Grade

Daisies begin building life skills as they grow with new friends. They earn petals and leaves as they learn about themselves and Girl Scouting.

Lead your troop.

Brownie Girl Scouts

Brownie: Second + Third Grades

Brownies explore their world with their Girl Scout friends. They develop cooperation and other skills as they connect with their community.

Lead your troop.

Junior Girl Scouts

Junior: Fourth + Fifth Grades

Juniors begin to take charge of their experience as they plan troop activities as a team and choose take action projects that speak to them.

Lead your troop.

Cadette Girl Scouts

Cadette: Sixth through Eighth Grades

Cadettes work with volunteers to plan community projects. They will gain self-confidence as they work with the world around them.

Lead your troop.

Girl Scout Seniors

Senior: Grades 9-10

Seniors tackle challenges that require critical thinking skills and independence. They plan enriching activities as they look to the future.

Lead your troop.

Girl Scout Ambassadors

Ambassador: Grades 11-12

Ambassadors work with their peers to make a difference in our world. They learn how to be an advocate for the causes they care about.

Lead your troop.