Service Unit Manager

Read the Service Unit Manager's Responsibilities, Timeline, and Qualifications   ▾

Primary Responsibilities + Timeline:


  • Secure and confirm meeting space and time for all upcoming leader meetings.
  • Welcome any new volunteers to SU at leader meeting.
  • Support recruitment efforts as needed.
  • Recruit for open SU positions if needed.
  • Highlight/observe Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday (October 31).


  • Promote and ensure that all troops know about cookie rally activities.
  • Promote and ensure SU representation at River Valley’s Annual Meeting.
  • Highlight/observe Girl Scout’s Thinking Day (February 22).


  • Highlight/observe Girl Scout’s Birthday (March 12).
  • Highlight/observe National Volunteers Week/Girl Scout leader Day (April 22).
  • Identify and recruit for team positions for upcoming year by June 30.
  • Promote early bird registration at leader meetings.
  • Celebrate Success-hold a SU Court of Awards/Bridging if possible.
  • Hold SU Plan of Work meeting with team/volunteers.
  • Submit SU Plan of Work by June 30.
  • Ensure treasurer submits Troop + Service Unit Finance Report by June 30.

Additional Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Communicate regularly with River Valleys as necessary.
  • Schedule, plan, and facilitate regular service unit team and/or leader meetings.
  • Share important Girl Scout information from SU Updates to volunteers in your area.
  • Recruit, supervise, train, place, and recognize service unit team members.
  • Monitor service unit finances in partnership with the service unit treasurer.
  • Support Juliette (individual) Girl Scouts in the service unit as necessary.
  • Encourage all SU team members to complete necessary training for their position.
  • Promote adult awards to service unit.
  • Must have an email address and allow River Valleys to provide it to others as necessary for Girl Scout related business.
  • Maintain positive relationships with River Valleys’ staff, service unit team, parents, troop leaders, and community partners.
  • Follow all GSUSA and River Valleys’ policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign, Snacks+Magazines Program, and Cookie Program in relationship to your volunteer position.
  • Support and promote The Girl Scout Leadership Experience.