Service Unit Manager

The Service Unit Manager develops and maintains Girl Scouting throughout the area and organizes and supports local troops, Juliettes (individual girl members), registered adult volunteers, families, and community partners.

Read the Service Unit Manager's Responsibilities and Qualifications


  • Communicate regularly with River Valleys’ Service Unit Support Team.
  • Complete training as required by River Valleys.
  • Schedule, plan, and facilitate regular service unit team and/or leader meetings.
  • Communicate important Girl Scout information to volunteers, members, and families, within the service unit.
  • Provide leadership, support, and delegation to service unit team members to provide excellent service for girls, troops, volunteers, and families.
  • Ensure quality Girl Scout programming opportunities are offered to maximize a positive troop experience.
  • Support and promote the Plan Your Year, Planning Guides and other troop leader resources at the service unit and troop levels.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with community groups and individuals.
  • Work with service unit team members to create and implement an annual service unit plan of work.
  • Monitor service unit finances in partnership with the service unit treasurer.
  • Recruit, supervise, train, place, and recognize service unit team members.
  • Follow and uphold all GSUSA and River Valleys’ policies, standards and procedures.
  • Promote and support River Valleys’ Family Fundraising Campaign, Fall Product Program and Cookie Program in relationship to your volunteer position.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Currently registered adult member of GSUSA. Must complete River Valleys’ onboarding process.
  • Committed to speak and act in a manner consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law.
  • Ability to listen, offer advice tactfully, and communicate effectively.
  • Has knowledge of the Girl Scout Program and a positive attitude towards Girl Scouts.
  • Ability to listen, plan, and organize; supervise adults; accomplish tasks through delegation; facilitate meetings; resolve conflict, and motivate others.

Read the Service Unit Manager's Calendar


  • Welcome new volunteers to service unit with welcome calls and/or email
  • Ensure volunteer mentor is meeting position description role and responsibilities
  • Connect with and support Juliette (individual) Girl Scouts in the service unit
  • Promote online learning resources for leaders
  • Ensure Fall Product Manager is meeting position description role and responsibilities
  • Hold delegate elections if not already completed.


  • Ensure registrar and service unit cookie manager work together to ensure volunteers and adults are registered to participate in the cookie program
  • Promote and ensure that all troops know about cookie rally activities
  • Invite River Valleys camp staff to attend service unit meetings to promote camp activities
  • Promote adult awards to service unit
  • Hold delegate elections if not already completed.


  • National Volunteers Week/Girl Scout Leader Day April 22 – say thanks to service unit adult volunteers and leaders
  • Promote and ensure service unit representation at Annual Meeting
  • Support the Cookie Program


  • Encourage all troops that can add new girls to fill out the troop catalog update form to be on the online catalog
  • Encourage participation in Early Registration by deadline
  • Celebrate success – hold a Service Unit Court of Awards/Bridging Ceremony
  • Ensure treasurer knows how to complete and submit service unit finance report on time
  • Begin planning with next year with new Service Unit plan
  • Ask for feedback from volunteers and leaders about the year’s service unit activities. Sample evaluations can be found with the Service Unit Manager Orientation or use your own format.


  • Hold delegate elections
  • Ensure treasurer submits service unit finance report by June 30 to River Valleys
  • Ensure service unit roster is submitted by June 30 to River Valleys
  • Ensure service unit plan is submitted by June 30 to River Valleys.

Year-Round Duties

  • Send reminders and attend service unit team meetings
  • Read and understand the service unit team position descriptions and calendars
  • Ensure all team members have taken training for their position
  • Support and promote the Planning Guides at the service unit and troop levels
  • Communicate important Girl Scout information to volunteers, members, and families within your assigned area
  • Recruit and supervise service unit team members
  • Communicate regularly with River Valleys


SUMore Trainings

Use these guides to lead development trainings at your Service Unit meetings.