Youth Event Assistants

YEA patch
Girls earn the YEA patch by participating in three events.
Youth Event Assistants (YEA’s) are an important part of making River Valleys’ events a success! YEA’s assist with events by checking in participants, assisting with activities, cleaning up and other tasks. There is no cost associated with volunteering for events, but YEA’s must provide their own adult chaperone.

Cadettes can help with Daisy, Brownie and Junior events, and Seniors and Ambassadors can additionally help with Cadette events.

Youth Event Assistant FAQ

Who Can Be a YEA?
YEA’s must:
  • Be registered Girl Scout members
  • Be in 6th–12th grade
  • Have completed Program Aide Training

Program Aide Training can be completed at a council-led event or as a troop using the Program Aide Training Curriculum.

Do YEA's Earn Awards?
YEA hours can be used to earn your Program Aide Pin, and you can find the full requirements in the Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Each event you assist at will count as one session working with younger girls.

If you have already earned your Program Aide Pin, you can earn the YEA patch by participating as a YEA at three council-sponsored events. When you have completed these three events, send an email to our girl program team to receive your patch.

Can I Be a YEA for a Specific Event?
Visit our list of YEA opportunities to find events that interest you. Share specific events that interest you most when you apply, and our team will match you to those if they are able. If you have already filled out the application, request a specific event by emailing the girl program team. Please note that if we have a large number of requests for a single event you may not be contacted.

How Do I Become a YEA?

Becoming a YEA is easy! Simply fill out the YEA application form below. Once we’ve received your application, you can use our events site to register for YEA opportunities near you! Additionally, program staff may contact you if you are needed for a specific upcoming event in your area.

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