Girl Scouts and Faith

Girl Scouts are encouraged to serve those in need, to help their communities, and grow in their faith. Through our faith-based activity plans, girls get to put their spirituality into action in a familiar setting.

Religious Girl Scout Awards

My Promise, My Faith


Girls can earn this award each year by finding out what their faith and Girl Scouting have in common, using the Girl Scout Law as a guide. Girls and troops tailor their work on this award to their faith tradition. Learn about this award in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, and speak with your faith leaders to learn more about how to customize this award to your beliefs and traditions.

Religious Recognitions

In addition, many national religious organizations have created their own recognitions to encourage girls to grow stronger in their faith. Each organization administers their own award program, so check with your faith leader or religious organization to find requirements and award curricula. See all of the religious recognitions and find more resources for faith-based programs.

Girl Scouts and Faith Resources