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Troop Exploration 3-night at Northwoods (Grades 3-12) Aug 4 Troop House

Fri Aug 04, 6:00 PM - Mon Aug 07, 11:00 AM CST

Duration: Friday 6pm-Monday 11am
Location: Mason, WI
Member Registration Opens Mar 7 at 9:00 am (CST)
Troop Price for This Stay: $1700

Have a four-day troop adventure at camp! Journey up to Camp Northwoods (near Ashland, WI) to enjoy a long weekend of bonding with your troop and experience fun staff-led and troop-led activities. Troop Exploration at Northwoods is for Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops (current grades 3-12).

Only the Troop Leader will need to register the group, and the troop leader will be able to register by reserving a housing unit (booking a cabin), instead of registering by person. Groups are limited to 16 people per troop house to account for group size limits at activities. As long as Girl Scout Safety Safety-Wise guidelines and ratios are met for your troop’s age level, you may bring whatever Girl Scout/adult ratio you wish.

Activities: During your time at camp, your troop will enjoy the following staff-led activities:

  • An opening campfire with s’mores
  • Swimming
  • A choice of three of the following staff-led activities: archery, slingshots, low ropes/teambuilding games, geocaching, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Each activity will take  approximately 75 minutes.
  • An all-camp activity with other troops on the last morning.

You’ll also have about 10 hours of free time for troop-led activities. Your troop can hike or bike around camp, play a game in the playfield, bring something to tie-dye, or work on a project from home! These activities are planned and facilitated by the troop.

Meals: Troop houses have full kitchens including a full-size fridge, stove, oven, microwave, cookware, and dishes. We will provide food, but your troop is responsible for preparing and cleaning up after meals, including washing dishes. Below are the foods that will be stocked in your troop house for each meal. Troops are also welcomed to bring additional food items/snacks to accommodate dietary needs and troop preferences.

  • Breakfast: bagels, cereal, milk, fruit, juice, coffee, tea, pancake mix, syrup
  • Lunch: sandwich supplies (bread, peanut butter, jelly, lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, condiments), carrots, fruit, chips, cookies
  • Dinner:
    • Saturday dinner will be a chance for your troop to practice your fire building and cooking skills: a cookout! Troops will have the choice of making pudgie-pie pizzas, tin foil dinners, mac and cheese, or burritos (you’ll see descriptions of the options and choose one on a form prior to arriving)
    • Sunday dinner you will choose from one of the following meal options to make in your troop house: spaghetti, pizza, tacos, chili. A vegetable side will also be provided.
  • Snacks: enough for 3 snacks for each attendee (planned for Friday night and Saturday/Sunday during the day, but your troop can choose to eat them whenever you want)

Housing: Troop houses have a common room with couches, a table, and chairs, as well as a full kitchen. One large bedroom contains 9 bunk beds and the second smaller room has 2 bunk beds intended for adult leaders. There is also a bathroom inside with toilets and showers.

Logistics: Prior to arrival, we’ll send an email asking for the names and emails of all participants. We’ll also ask you to select 1) which three activities your cabin would like to do, and 2) which cookout options your troop would like for Saturday and Sunday dinner in advance. In an effort to provide every troop the opportunity, troops will be limited to two boating activities (canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding). Cabins will receive their schedule for staff-led events and swim times upon arrival.   

Payment details: This camp session has a minimum deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Full payment is due 30 days prior to the first day of the camp session.

If troop members attending this session are planning to request financial assistance, please pay the minimum deposit with a credit card and select Financial Aid as a payment type. After registering, provide attendees with the order number and have them to visit to submit their financial assistance application.  

If troop members attending this session are planning to pay using program credits, please pay the minimum deposit with a credit card and select Program Credits as a payment type. After registering, provide attendees with the order number and instruct them to submit their program credits. To submit Electronic Program Credits, visit