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Undernight Adventure for Adults

Sat Apr 30, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM CDT

Adult Volunteers: Prepare for your first overnight with this training geared to the volunteer with little or no experience cooking outdoors or tent camping, or for someone who wants a refresher.  Learn essential outdoor cooking skills including: fire building methods, charcoal and camp stove cooking, outdoor dishwashing and sanitation methods as covered in safety activity checkpoints.  Learn the steps of planning a simple overnight adventure with Girl Scouts sleeping in tents. Understand what gear is needed for a trip as well as how to set up and care for a tent. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover the fun of teaching knots, knives, map reading and orienteering.  Undernight Adventures contains many of the componets of the Girls Sleep Out and Cook Out training.

Please bring: Food to cook for lunch - an array of options will be sent prior to the event.

Payment details: This event has a minimum deposit. We ask registrants who are paying for this event with a credit card to pay the full balance at check out. 

If you are planning to request financial assistance, please pay the minimum deposit with a credit card and select Financial Aid as a payment type. After registering, visit to submit your financial assistance application.  

If you are planning to pay using program credits, pay as much of the total balance as you would like with a credit card and select Program Credit as a payment type for the remaining balance. Paper credits should be mailed to our St. Paul Service Center office. To submit Electronic Program Credits, visit