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River Valleys Small Craft Safety Training and Renewal for Canoeing

Sun Jun 12, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM CDT

Adult Volunteers: Open to both new and those renewing: Small Craft Safety Training for lake canoeing is the current Safety Activity checkpoint requirement for volunteers to lead girls safely in a canoe activity on a lake. Learn the skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and respond to canoe emergencies, and gain the knowledge to assist a troop in planning and implementing a canoe outing. This certification covers flat water canoeing and is valid for a three-year period.

On-line portion: This training includes 2-4 hours of on-line training that needs to be completed prior to the in-person class.  Information on how to access the on-line portion will be sent out two weeks prior.

Prerequisites: This is a safety and rescue certification course, not a canoeing skills class. Participants must be experienced canoeists who are prepared to pass a prerequisite canoe skills test that will take place several weeks before the class.  Dates to choose for a pre-test at Camp Lakamaga are May 22, June 5 and June 12.

You will need to show the following skills:

  • Safely launch and control a canoe using the proper strokes while paddling forward and backward, turning, stopping and holding position.
  • Solo Paddling, either alone in the canoe or with a non-paddling partner to help balance the canoe.
  • When paddling forward and backward steering strokes, such as J-strokes or sweep strokes, must be used to maintain a straight-line course with few course corrections or ruddering.

Also, on the day of your Small Craft Safety course you will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Float or tread water for 1 minute without a life jacket
  • Swim any stroke for 25 yards without a life jacket
  • Swim any stroke for 25 yards while wearing a life jacket

Fee: $10; Registration Deadline: May 30

Please note: Small Craft Safety Certification is required when leading canoeing activities with Girl Scouts. Intro to Canoeing, Paddling for Fun and Lake Canoeing Skills will help you build the skills needed to take River Valleys Small Craft Safety Certification. You do not receive certification by completing this class.  See Safety Activity Checkpoints for canoeing for more information on Small Craft Safety Certification. As well as

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