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Horse Round Up and Ride at Camp Elk River

Sun Sep 12, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CDT
Volunteers, Juniors

Riding a horse is one of the most exciting things you can do! But ask any good horseback rider her secret to success and she'll say that understanding a horse is as important as learning to ride one. Get clued into horses and get ready to ride! This event is perfect for those without any experience or those wanting to learn more.

Girls will complete steps 2-5 of the Junior Horseback Riding badge. We ask that participants complete step one - "Know the basics of horseback riding" - before they arrive. We'll be referencing these basics during the program, including the difference between Western and English style of riding, basic riding equipment, and proper riding gear. 

Details: Badge included with event registration. For the safety of the horses, there is a 240 pound carrying limit which should be considered when registering for horse programs. Adult Chaperones will not ride. Please contact us directly with any specific questions or concerns.

Payment details: This event has a minimum deposit. We ask registrants who are paying for this event with a credit card to pay the full balance at check out. 

If you are planning to request financial assistance, please pay the minimum deposit with a credit card and select Financial Aid as a payment type. After registering, visit to submit your financial assistance application. 

If you are planning to pay using program credits, pay as much of the total balance as you would like with a credit card and select Program Credit as a payment type for the remaining balance. Paper credits should be mailed to our St. Paul Service Center office. To submit Electronic Program Credits, visit