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Girl Leadership Board

The Girl Leadership Board at the 2019 Annual Meeting

The Girl Leadership Board is a group of Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts (grades 9-12) who serve as a voice, leader, and advocate for the 28,000 girls in the Girl Scouts River Valleys council. As a member of the board, you ensure that we are a truly girl-led organization, where girls are a central part of charting the course for Girl Scouts’ future! You’ll meet once a month during the year-long commitment.

About the Girl Leadership Board

What You Will Do

As a member of the Girl Leadership Board, you and your peers will be tasked annually to:

  • collaborate with the community and with Girl Scouts River Valleys leadership to propose innovative programming for older girls,
  • plan relevant older girl events that increase older girl engagement,
  • be impactful at Girl Scouts River Valleys' annual meeting by participating as a delegate (a.k.a. a voting participant),
  • attend all Girl Leadership Board meetings and Girl Leadership Board planned events,
  • demonstrate Girl Scout pride through community involvement, and
  • serve as a voice, leader, and advocate for the 30,000 girls in the Girl Scouts River Valleys council.
Meetings, Term Length, & Commitment


The Girl Leadership Board meets every third Monday at the Saint Paul Service Center throughout the months of August-July (the board takes a break in June). Meetings are held in the evenings, after school, and typically last for two hours.

You are expected to make every effort to attend and actively participate at every meeting. Skype and/or conference call options are available for girls who cannot make in-person meetings.


Once appointed you are expected to commit to one year (August-July). You may choose to serve on the board for up to 4 years, or through the July 31 that follows your high school graduation – whichever comes first – without needing to re-apply.

Qualifications & Selection Criteria

Any Girl Scout Senior (grades 9-10) or Girl Scout Ambassador (grades 11-12) who is a registered member of Girl Scouts River Valleys is encouraged to apply.

A strong candidate:

  • Lives by the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Has strong leadership qualities and/or has held leadership positions within her community. 
  • Can provide evidence of Girl Scout participation.
  • Can provide evidence of volunteering within and outside of the Girl Scouts.
  • Demonstrates strong of written and/or verbal communication skills.
Application Process

The application window is currently closed.

Online applications will be posted to this page ( for two months each year, generally over the summer months. Deadlines and other important dates will be listed on the online application.

Once the application is posted, simply complete the application to apply. All applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the current Girl Leadership Board. All applicants will be notified via email of the application status.


Do you have questions about the Girl Leadership Board or application process? Reach out to us!