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Girls with Magnifying Glasses at an Arboretum

What Daisies Do

Don’t we all wish we could look at the world through a Girl Scout Daisy’s eyes? Everything they do—from planting a garden to putting on a skit to proudly adding that first petal to their vest—sparkles with that "first time ever" newness! Along the way, they’ll use their Daisy exuberance to help others—and they’ll never forget how that feels. Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with giggles, energy, and excitement.

As a Daisy (K-1), she might:

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Gain new friends as part of a troop

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Earn petals (the special Daisy version of badges) as she embraces the Girl Scout Promise and Law

Make a difference

Make a difference in her community through a Leadership Journey

Sell cookies

Sell cookies (and learn business skills where doing it)

Explore nature

Explore nature and the outdoors



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