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Girl-led. Girl Tested. Girl Approved. Since 1912.

Backed by more than 105 years of experience, Girl Scouts continues to fuel the female leadership pipeline. Data shows that Girl Scout alums enjoy higher incomes, more rewarding careers, and are more active in their communities than their peers. Why? Our all-girl, girl-led environment creates a space where girls can try new things, develop a range of skills, take on leadership roles, and feel comfortable failing, dusting themselves off, and trying again.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

73% of women in the United States Senate, 55% of female members of the 115th Congress (House & Senate), and every female secretary of state in U.S. history were—you guessed it—Girl Scouts! In addition, more than half of women in business are Girl Scout alums. These statistics stem from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a proven leadership development program that pairs girls ages 5 to 18 with strong, caring female role models and mentors who help girls feel empowered to participate in STEM, entrepreneurship, the outdoors, and so much more.

All-Girl Environments

An all-girl experience is important to girl development. Research shows that single-gender environments provide more opportunities for girls to build confidence, a key component of leadership.

Individually Tailored Experiences

There are tons of ways to have fun and explore the world in Girl Scouts, like joining a troop, traveling the country, exploring the outdoors, and attending awesome events. Any girl in grades K–12 can join the fun!

When she's a Girl Scout, she’s also a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™

Girl Scouts sure do sell cookies, earn badges, and enjoy s’mores by the campfire, but Girl Scouts are also groundbreakers, big thinkers, and role models. Girl Scouts design robots, start garage bands, and improve their communities—and yes, they sell the best cookies on the planet.

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She’s bold, honest, and determined to succeed. Goal oriented and ambitious, she’s also a life-long learner who believes no challenge is too difficult!


Thinking outside the box is her specialty, so she’s always looking for a creative way to take action. She definitely knows how to get things done.


Courageous and strong, she’s keen to try new things and to embrace the unfamiliar. She’s ready to step up and break the mold if that’s what it takes.


She’s confident, responsible, and committed to changing the world for the better—and she’s happiest when others join her in taking the lead! 

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Raise your voice and sing along to the new Girl Scout anthem!

Our powerful new anthem, “Watch Me Shine,” explores how Girl Scouts find the strength and confidence to lead the way, every day—and create meaningful change in themselves and in their communities. Written by Grammy Award-winner Liz Rose and performer Emily Shackelton (both Girl Scouts themselves!), the tune also features Girl Scouts on backup vocals.

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