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2021 Dream Team Event

Sat Jun 05, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Cookie Business

Due to a record number of girls reaching sales of 1000+ packages in 2021, we have an update to the Dream Team 2021 event. As you may have heard, Dream Team will be held “under the stars” with a special drive-in movie for girls and their families at Bethel University in Saint Paul. The event will be held on May 15 and June 5. We have assigned girls to an evening based on service unit so girls can celebrate with their nearby Girl Scout sisters. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of attendees per night at the venue, we will not be able to switch dates for girls. If girls are unable to attend the event, they will still be mailed their Dream Team certificate and patch.

Girls will be sent an email invitation by April 25 that will specify the date they have been assigned to along with a link to RSVP and the option to submit a photo for a presentation. Please instruct girls to hold both dates on their calendar until they receive the email next week. A printed invitation will not be sent this year.