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aMAZE! Journey Jumpstart Weekend- REGISTRATION CLOSED


Fri Dec 08, 7:00 PM - Sun Dec 10, 1:00 PM
Camp Elk River, Zimmerman, MN Map
Leadership, Healthy Living
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:

Join other Cadettes in the maze of friendship and discover how to create peace together. As you navigate the weekend, gather tools and strategies for your own peacemaker kit. By the time you wind your way through this amazing journey, you may be quite the diplomat! And world peace? Well, just take it one relationship at a time!

Attending adults participate in their own concurrent programming on mentoring Cadettes. Participants must attend the entire weekend, they may not arrive late or leave early as this disrupts the program for others.

Girl/Adult Ratio: Only 1 adult is required to register and attend with every 10 girls. (More may attend if needed by the troop.)

Prerequisites: Pre-work will be sent out before the event.

Included: Meals, snacks, Journey books, and Journey award sets (mailed after Take Action Project is completed)

Please review our event and cancellation policies.