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Announcing the 2021 Snacks & Magazines Program dates! Go Day is the first day of fall, Wednesday, September 22, and the sale ends on October 17. We’ll share more information over the summer including the delicious new snack items and fun girl rewards.

As a Girl Scout, you can earn a variety of rewards, like special patches, fun items, and Fall FUNds, through your participation in the Snacks & Magazines Program. You can enjoy them individually or with your hardworking troop. All rewards are cumulative and only offered at the specified levels.

2020 Reward Highlights

To see the full list of 2020 rewards, download the 2020 Snacks & Magazines Rewards List (PDF).

  • A purple circle patch that reads Goal Getter with a green leaf next to it and a silver necklace with circular charm tha treads Bravely Be You.

    Sell 25 snack items and earn a theme necklace AND a Goal Getter Patch

  • a small stuffed animal sloth

    Sell 4 magazines OR 50 snack items and earn a small plush Sofia the Sloth named after one of one hundred Three-Toed Pygmy Sloths left on earth!

  • LIme green t-shirt with a mother and baby sloth hanging upside down from a branch with text, bravely be you.

    Sell 10 magazines and earn a Bravely Be You T-shirt

  • Colorful patch with your Girl Scout Me2 avatar in the tropics on a kayak and in a hammock.

    Create your avatar, send 15 emails through your M2OS account, and reach $300 in total sales to earn a Fall Personalized Patch

Exclusive Patch Opportunity

You can earn this awesome patch and help out a great cause with our Care to Share donation program.

  • To Earn:
    1. Log into M2OS,
    2. Create your avatar
    3. Send 15 emails to friends & family
    4. Sell 5 Care to Share donations!

Please note: This patch will not be included in the reward shipment in mid-November. Troop leaders should watch for a shipping update in a future edition of “In a Nutshell".


Girl Scout Cookie Combo
Personalized Patch

  • To Earn:
    1. Create your avatar in the Fall
    2. Send 15+ emails via your M2OS account in the Fall
    3. Sell 275 packages of cookies in the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program


Instant Rewards

This year we are debuting instant rewards. To qualify for an instant reward, a girl must be one of the first two or three girls in her troop to complete the following actions:

  1. Send 15 e-mails through M2OS and
  2. Complete one online sale (can be a snack or a magazine)

Once a girl has completed these steps, she should contact her troop fall product manager or troop leader as soon as possible to let them know. If the girl has qualified and there are remaining charms for the troop, she will win a special charm.

Additionally, every girl who earns the instant reward also has a chance to win an even bigger prize. Girls should look for a golden or silver ticket in their instant reward envelope. If a girl finds one of these tickets with her instant reward charm, she should contact us. The golden ticket prize is an XXL Sofia the Sloth plush!*

*Silver ticket prizes to be determined. Prizes are subject to change.

Fall FUNds

Fall FUNds

You can earn Fall FUNds through the Snacks & Magazines Program season to help pay for day camp, resident camp, Girl Scout Gold and Silver Award projects, and other Girl Scout activities. In the spirit of being girl-led, you and your troop should make decisions as to how you all will use Fall FUNds—whether for yourself or for the benefit of the troop. Fall FUNds can be redeemed for:

Fall FUNds Expiration

Funds expire September 15 following the Snacks & Magazines Program season in which they were earned. 2020 Fall FUNds will expire September 15, 2021. When the funds are used for council-approved Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador extended troop trips, the funds are then valid for another two years. For example, if a troop of Seniors is planning an extended troop trip to London for July 2022, 2020 Fall FUNds would expire September 15, 2023.

See Cookie Credits & Fall FUNds Policy

See Electronic Program Credits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Receiving Snacks & Magazines Rewards

Snacks & Magazines reward items are sent to your service unit Fall Product manager in mid-November, who then hands them out to your troop. Then, your troop will give them out to you and your sister Girl Scouts. Fall FUNds are electronic credits. If your girl selected Fall FUNds at any reward level, you will receive an email with your girl's unique code in mid-December. Girls can use the code for any of the redemption options listed above.