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The 2021 Cookie Program has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. Check back in the fall for next year’s sale dates.

Cookie Rewards

In addition to learning lots of awesome skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls can earn some exciting rewards. The more you sell, the more you earn!

2021 Reward Highlights

To see all of 2021 rewards, download the 2021 Patches and Fun Items List (PDF) or learn about reward options for Senior and Ambassadors.

Set your selling goal based on the items you’d like to earn. Rewards are cumulative—you will earn rewards at every level you reach. 

  • Sell 24+ packages and earn the 2021 Theme Patch.

  • Sell 180+ packages and earn a Be Amazing T-shirt OR $5 Cookie Credits.

  • Sell 230+ packages to earn the Goal Getter Patch AND Bree the Bee Plush OR $5 Cookie Credits.

  • Sell 3,000+ packages and join Girl Scouts River Valleys' CEO for a special event.



Combo Patch - If you sent 15 emails in the fall product program and sell 275+ packages of cookies you’ll earn this patch!



Donation Rewards

  • 8+ Packages Donation Boost Bar

  • 20+ Packages Girl Scout Lanyard

  • 25+ Packages Bee Enamel Pin

  • 45+ Packages Ladybug Enamel Pin

  • 55+ Packages Dragonfly Enamel Pin

Bee A Sister Patch - New for 2021! Girls support pollinator protection through the power of Girl Scout Cookies. At select cookie reward levels, girls have the option to make a donation to support the bee colonies, pollinator gardens, and educational programming at the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Girls will have this option at the 150, 180, 230, and 700 package levels. Each girl that participates in this program will earn the “Bee a Sister” patch.



Additional Reward Information

Rewards Fine Print

The following terms apply to the items listed in the 2021 Patches and Fun Items List.

Note: An email requesting the current mailing address and/or email address of girls who selected the MN State Fair passes at the 700-package level, plus girls that sold 825 or more packages. This email will be sent to families in late April to the email on file with Girl Scouts River Valleys. The item(s) will not be sent until the mailing address and/or email address is confirmed.

Initial Order Toast YAY Boost Bar: If a troop places an initial order, they will receive a Toast YAY Boost Bar patch for each girl selling in the troop. These items will be sent with the rest of the girl rewards the week of May 17 in the service unit shipment.

Initial Order Bee Mascot Masks: If a troop places an initial order, the troop will receive two, bee mascot masks: one for the troop leader and one for the troop cookie manager (one mask per Juliette for the Juliette Advisor). These items will be sent to the troop leader to arrive in time for Cookie Go Day.

825 pkgs:

Your choice between the following packages or $100 in Cookie Credits.

Frozen dessert maker: Create a wide range of tasty treats for family and friends with this frozen dessert maker. Makes simple, healthy, dairy-free, vegan creations such as frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbet.

Half-off Camp Coupon Package: Half-off camp coupon, maximum value of $250. Must be used during the summer of 2021 toward half-off one Girl Scout River Valleys’ summer resident camp session or council-approved service unit day camp session. Coupon expires August 31, 2021. For the 2021 camp season, girls are permitted to use any combination of their 2020 or 2021 Half-Off Camp Coupons or Free Camp voucher to pay for their camp balance. Half-off camp coupon is not redeemable for cash and is transferable only if authorized by the girl. Camp coupons do not cover the cost of the $25 registration fee. Coupon will ship directly to the girl’s address on record.

Fjallraven Kanken backpack: The classic Kanken backpack in hard-wearing Vinylon fabric. Color may vary.

1000 pkgs:

Dream Team program + 1000+ Boost Bar Patch: The Dream Team program is planned for May 15 at Bethel University. Girls reaching this level will receive an email about the event in late April.

Plus, your choice of one of the following packages or $250 in Cookie Credits:

Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine (or comparable model) and supplies package from JoAnn Fabric.

Scheels Private Shopping Event on May 22 at Scheel’s in Eden Prairie, MN, starting at 8:30, value up to $250.

Pick your Tech Laptop, Tablet, or AirPods & Wildflower case package: Model/colors may vary. Laptop will be a Windows-based laptop.

1500 pkgs:

Your choice of one of the following packages or $300 in Cookie Credits

Inflatable paddleboard with paddle.

Two main floor tickets (for the girl & her chaperone) to the October 15, 8pm, performance of “Frozen the Musical” at the Historic Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. No alternate dates available.

Vlog gear package with light ring, microphone, stream-cam, smartphone mount. Smartphone and computer not included.

2000 pkgs:

Your choice of one of the following packages or $500 in Cookie Credits

Drone with HD video.

Room revamp package from Target, value up to $500.

Metal frame, above ground pool set. Model may vary.

3000 pkgs:

CEO Event with Tish-June 5 at REM5 VR Lab in St. Louis Park, MN. No alternate dates available.

Troop PGA Rewards

Troop PGA rewards are based on the troop average for number of girls selling in the troop. A girl is considered as selling in Smart Cookies when she has been awarded at least one package of cookies.

Headband: Each girl selling will receive a bee print headband.

Bee socks: Each girl selling will receive a pair of bee socks.

Hoodie: Each girl selling and two adults (one for Juliette troops) will receive a hoodie. Additional hoodies will be available for purchase for additional volunteers, only for troops that achieve the 420 PGA level. 

Receiving Cookie Rewards

Cookie rewards are sent to your service unit cookie manager, who then hands them out to your troop, and then your troop will give them out to you (and your sister Girl Scouts). Girl and troop rewards will be shipped in mid-May.

A few select rewards, at the highest levels, are sent directly to girls. If you reach one of these levels, we will mail you instructions in April—and congrats on a job well done!

Cookie Credits are a special type of reward that help you further your Girl Scout experience. Going to camp this summer? Or working on a Higher Award project? Cookie Credits can help you pay for lots of exciting Girl Scout activities. New for 2021-Cookie Credits are going electronic! Girls that select Cookie Credits will receive an email featuring a code, valued for the total number of Cookie Credits earned as selected by the girl. Girls will use this code to redeem towards the options below:

Girls should make decisions as to how they will use their Cookie Credits—whether for their own use or for the benefit of the troop.


Typically, Cookie Credits expire mid-September in the year following the Cookie Program season during which they were earned. Cookie Credits being used for extended troop trips and lifetime membership have an extended expiration date for two more years.

2021 Cookie Credits will expire on September 15, 2022.

See Cookie Credit & Fall FUNds Policy

See Electronic Program Credits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Options for Senior & Ambassador Troops

Options for Senior & Ambassador Troops:

Senior and Ambassador troops (and Senior/Ambassador Juliettes) have the choice to opt out of receiving rewards and Cookie Credits to instead earn an additional $.05 per package sold. Girls may choose to do this, because they prefer the extra proceeds to help their entire troop complete activities instead of receiving individual rewards. If your Senior or Ambassador troop wishes to do this, you must contact us before the end of the cookie sale.

This decision must be made by a troop as a whole. If your Senior or Ambassador troop chooses the opt out, the girls will still receive all patches earned, in addition to the troop receiving an additional $.05 per package sold.


Did you know?! You can also earn patches and fun items for participating in one of our Cookie Donation Programs!