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Updates to Covid-19 In-Person Activity Guidance

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Significant changes have been made to the COVID-19 in-person activity guidance. In almost all cases, the guidance has shifted from requirements to recommendations. We are able to make these changes now, because vaccines are readily available, easy to access, and free for all age groups that participate in Girl Scouts. Please refer to the In-Person Girl Scout Activity Guidance (PDF) document for full guidance, and continue to reference this page for the most up-to-date information.  

Summary of changes in effect beginning March 9, 2022:

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued new guidelines for masking. The CDC now classifies counties according to the levels in the community as Low, Medium or High. 

  • As of March 9, 2022, most of the counties Girl Scouts River Valleys serves are classified at either low or medium levels, we will no longer require universal mask usage while indoors. 

  • Effective today, mask requirements will depend on the community level your county is assigned. In counties with medium levels, masks are encouraged. In counties with high levels, masks remain required while conducting Girl Scout activities indoors. Please remember that some participants may choose to continue to wear masks even when it is not required. Please respect the personal safety choices of others.

  • There are no longer maximum limits on group size, indoors or out. However, breaking large groups into pods of 25 people or fewer is recommended.

  • Indoor meetings and activities, including those at public facilities, are allowed.

  • Overnights are allowed, indoors and out. Limiting sleeping to one household per area is recommended, as is maintaining six feet of distance if possible. 

  • Food may be prepared and served following our standard kitchen use and food preparation requirements and with consideration to additional COVID-19 recommendations.

  • Use of public transportation and busses is allowed. 

  • Travel is also allowed, including international travel. Travel must always be pre-approved through the Girl Scouts River Valleys travel planning and approval process.

  • International trips must follow all CDC travel guidelines, destination country guidelines, and be pre-approved through the Girl Scouts River Valleys approval processes.

  • Girl Scouts cannot participate in international trips unless the travel health notice is at a level 1 or level 2 for their trip destination. Check for COVID-19 travel health notices here.

See our most recent email to our members regarding the changes for additional details and context: A Letter to our Members | March 9, 2022