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Make it an Exciting Fall: Activity Ideas for Girl Scouts, by Keena D.


As the fall draws near, you may be wondering how summer is already over—I know I am. If you’re wanting your fall to be full of exciting opportunities, volunteering, and exploring your own hobbies, then check out this article for some ideas!

First, you can participate in something new with Girl Scouts! Reach out to your troop and ask if you can meet online or plan an activity to help other people. One of our very own Press Corps members, Kat, chalked positive messages around local parks with her troop. This is a fun activity you can do with social distancing and one that will help lift your neighbors’ spirits. If you want to connect with more Girl Scouts, consider joining a group like Press Corps.

If you want to help others, try online volunteering. Check out this article for some ideas. You can also send letters to an assisted living home to help seniors feel more connected, work at the polls to help democracy, or even create an organization or a volunteer opportunity of your own! 

Take advantage of the good weather while you can and visit a park! Scientists say that being outside is the safest way to spend time with others. Go with your family or social distance with your friends. As always, be a hero by staying at least 6 feet apart from those you don’t live with and making sure you wear a mask. 

If you’re looking for a new activity to do inside your home, try exploring a new hobby or even reinvesting in an old one! Play music and sing along, sew a dress or knit a hat, draw your pets, siblings, or what’s outside your window. You can explore hundreds of things with just your creativity and a couple of supplies you may even have at home.

Take a peek online for ideas. You’ll find hundreds of free or inexpensive zoom classes. Take this time to learn something new you’ve never heard of, or something you’ve always wanted to learn. Here’s a couple of places to get you started. Free art classes being offered by Berkeley!  Here are some free dance classes that you can take at your own pace. Here you have some free coding classes to keep your mind sharp. If you just keep looking, you can find a class on almost any topic!

And you always have the option to spend fun time with those in your home. Whether it’s simply relaxing with your family, playing board games with your roommates, or even spending quality time with yourself, you may be surprised at how much enjoyment you can have in a shared space.

Be proud that you are doing your part to keep your family, friends, and neighbors safe. The joy that comes from helping others, whether through staying home, volunteering, or being a good friend, can also help you feel better about these changed times. This is a great opportunity to practice being a G.I.R.L. Scout.