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Learn More About Hawaiian Monk Seals

Learn more about Hawaiian Monk Seals!

Learn more about Hawaiian Monk Seals and how you can give back to the animals at the Minnesota Zoo. When you participate in Snacks & Magazines, you can become a member of the Seal Squad! At select reward levels, instead of receiving an item, you can choose to make a donation to the Minnesota Zoo, home of a Hawaiian Monk Seal just like our program mascot, Hope. Plus, you'll earn a special patch too!

Check out this video to see the seal in action and learn some seal-ly neat facts. courtesy of our friends at the Minnesota Zoo. Check out our 2022 Fall Product Program Activities Guide to get ready for Snacks & Magazines from setting a goal, to learning even more about seals. Ask your troop leader about how you can dive into this fast, easy, and fun program that runs September 26-October 23.