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Introducing the For Every Girl Challenge

Every Girl Challenge: Membership challenge for troops and service units!

The challenge deadline has passed.

Girl Scouts is where girls cultivate the skills they need to succeed. Girl Scouts prepares girls to face obstacles head-on, to show compassion even when it’s hard, and to see mistakes as teachable moments. We want every girl to have the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts and benefit from everything we have to offer. Beginning August 1, 2021, Girl Scouts River Valleys is launching the For Every Girl Challenge.

The For Every Girl Challenge provides rewards and incentives for service units and troops who go above and beyond to help bring Girl Scouts to more girls. Research shows that the majority of girls join Girl Scouts because they heard about it from someone else. We need your help to spread the word!

Service units and troops can participate in a variety of recruitment activities to raise awareness and excitement about Girl Scouts. What are some of these activities? Service Units can help organize and host Girl Scout tables at school open houses, partner with a community organization to start a new troop or reach out to local media to share a Girl Scout story. Troops can host open house tables with their troop, update their information in the troop catalog, offer a “bring a friend” event, or distribute yard signs.

Service units and troops must complete at least six activities and complete the For Every Girl Challenge Reporting Form by November 12 to be eligible for service unit/troop level incentives.

Troop Level Incentives:

  • Troops who complete six of the activities below will earn the Grow the Sisterhood patch for each girl in the troop. The troop will also be placed in a drawing to be featured on a Girl Scouts River Valleys billboard next year.

    1. Check your troop’s meeting details in the catalog. Ensure there are open spots (if possible) and that the meeting details are correct.

    2. Host a Girl Scout table at Back-to-School events at schools connected to your troop.

    3. Contact 2-3 friends and invite them to become Girl Scout volunteers—sign at least one up.

    4. Host a “bring a friend” event in September. Invite local girls to attend and join your troop.

    5. Share the Grow Your Troop social post and invite cards with families in your troop. Ask them to share it within their network.

    6. Work with your service unit to distribute flyers and yard signs in your local community (or place a Girl Scout yard sign in your front yard/front window).

    7. Have coffee or a virtual meet-up with a new troop leader in your service unit. Welcome them to Girl Scouts and share information about how YOU recruited new girls to your troop.

    8. Host a Girl Scout table at a family-focused event in your community.

    9. Identify three skills you’ve gained by being a Girl Scout volunteer, and share those via your social media channels, encouraging others to get involved as volunteers.

    10. Change your social media profile photo of you wearing your Girl Scout gear or uniform and tag a fellow Girl Scout volunteer and encourage them to do the same!

    11. Wear Girl Scout gear during a shopping trip, while attending a sporting event, or to a public gathering.

    12. See if you can get your troop announced at a local sporting event, school announcement, or faith community service. Invite others to join.

    13. Help your Girl Scouts write a brief note describing why they love Girl Scouts and share it via social media with your network. Don’t forget to tag us @GirlScoutsRV.

  • BONUS: Troops who have 10 or more registered girls by Oct 31 will also earn a Program Badge in a Box kit, featuring one of the new badges! Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops will receive a Math in Nature kit; and Cadette, Seniors, and Ambassadors will receive a Global Action kit. Kits will include badges, activity plan, and fun program supplies to earn these exciting new badges!

Service Unit Level Incentives:

  • Service units who complete six of the below activities will earn $50 in service unit funds.

    1. Organize troops to host a Back-to-School table at each school in your community (as available).

    2. Host a troop leader recruitment panel at a service unit meeting and have panelists share ideas on recruiting new girls in their troop.

    3. Make calls to each troop leader in your service unit to talk about growing their troop. Identify what the service unit can do to help.

    4. Communicate your recruitment plan with all service unit volunteers. Confirm everyone’s role in supporting recruitment.

    5. Post Girl Scout flyers and/or yard signs at local schools, community centers, businesses, and places of worship.

    6. Host a sign-up event for families in your community. Promote troop openings and share information about starting a new troop.

    7. Promote local troop openings (catalog spots) within your network on social media.

    8. Coordinate with local schools or community organizations to start at least one new troop at a brand-new site.

    9. Present at a local PTO/PTA meeting about the impact of local Girl Scouts and share opportunities for other girls to join.

    10. Identify a local elementary school that didn’t start a Daisy troop last year and help get one started!

    11. Host a Girl Scout table at a large community, family-focused event or parade (go to where families already are).

    12. Connect with local school staff about new ways to reach families this fall.

    13. Submit a story to a local paper about what local Girl Scouts are up to along with how to join.

  • BONUS: Service units who also reach 10 or more registered girls in 75% of Daisy and Brownie troops by October 31 will also receive a Girl Scout banner that can be used at parades, cookie booths, and other community events.