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Exclusive Fall Cookie Combo Button Reward


The entry deadline has passed. Earned buttons will be shipped directly to the girl’s home address on record. We’ll announce the winners of the bonus prize drawing in late October and will contact all winners by email—no substitutions or exchanges.

We are super-pumped to announce opportunities to earn this exclusive Fall Cookie Combo Button featuring Piper the Penguin and the 2022 cookie mascot, Katie the Koala. Katie wants to cheer you on to reach your fall goals and get you pumped up for the upcoming cookie season!

To earn the button:

  • As a new participant (for those girls that didn’t sell in 2020), girls will simply need to login to M2OS between now and October 17, create an avatar, and sell $30 in snacks and/or magazines.

  • As a returning participant (girls that participated last year), girls will need to increase their total sales by $30 over last year.

    • For returning girls, troop leaders can find last year’s sales numbers by clicking on the TP in the top right corner of their M2OS account. Then select Change Season, then Reports, and then All Sales.

The button will not automatically appear in M2OS. However, troop leaders can view a report to determine which girls have earned the button or are close to earning the button. Simply select Special Reports  from the Reports tab. Then run the Girl Scout Orders  report to view the information.

The button will not be included in the girl reward shipment in late-November. Buttons will be shipped directly to the girl’s home address on record with Girl Scouts River Valleys. Watch for a shipping update in a future In a Nutshell blog post.

But wait, there’s more!

Girls who earn the button are eligible to be randomly selected to win one of our 20 bonus prizes: Hydroflask water bottle & insulated lunch box combos. We’ll announce the winners in late October and contact all winners by email—no substitutions or exchanges. Girls will receive an email from M2OS to alert them of this awesome new reward. Be sure to reach out to the girls in your troop to also promote this bonus reward!

We hope you are as excited as we are and if you have any questions, we are a phone call away!