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Cookie Video Pro Patch Program

Cookie Video Pro Patch Program

Today, Girl Scout Cookie sellers are more adaptable than ever as you embrace online sales as a way of the future. Leverage your online cookie sale with a short personalized video. Make an advertisement or sales pitch to share with friends & family on social media–A virtual message you would give to a cookie customer, business or workplace. Girl Scout safety is always top of mind, so make sure you and your supervising parent/guardian are familiar with and follow the Safety Activities Checkpoints (PDF), Internet Safety Pledge, and Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing (PDF). You can find these essentials on Cookie Central.

  1. Create on your phone, laptop, or tablet, a short (30 seconds or less) video advertisement or virtual sales pitch for friends, family, local business or workplace sale to help attract cookie customers.

  2. Share the video through social media, Smart Cookies, or an email or text to friends and family.

  3. Submit your video or video link using the Cookie Video Pro Submission Form.


Video Pro of the Week

Starting February 26, each week we’ll review, select, and announce here one Girl Scout Video Pro of the Week for sales pitches that went above and beyond. Videos not selected will roll over to the next week’s selection group. Submit your video early in the sale for the most chances of winning. Program entries are due by April 2. One submission per girl. Each girl should submit a unique video.

Patches & Weekly Prize Winners

The winning Girl Scout Video Pro of the Week will receive two Gold Season Passes to Valley Fair! All participating Girl Scouts who submits a video will receive an exclusive Video Pro Boost Bar after the sale. Patches will be mailed to each participating girl in June. Valley Fair season pass vouchers will also be mailed directly to each weekly winner.

2021 Video Pro Boost Bar

Selection Schedule

Remember, only one submission per girl, and enter early for more chanches to win!

  • Week 1: Submit by 2/26 for 3/2 weekly winner announcement
  • Week 2: Submit by 3/5 for 3/9 weekly winner announcement
  • Week 3: Submit by 3/12 for 3/16 weekly winner announcement
  • Week 4: Submit by 3/19 for 3/23 weekly winner announcement
  • Week 5: Submit by 3/26 for 3/30 weekly winner announcement
  • Week 6: Submit by 4/2 for 4/6 weekly winner announcement

Weekly Winners