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Introducing New Winter Challenge—Presented by GSRV Girl Leadership Board

Girl Leadership Board Presents a New Winter Challenge for GSRV Girl Scouts

Patches for the Girl Leadership Board Winter Challenge are now available for purchase at Girl Scouts River Valleys shop locations.

The Girl Scouts River Valleys Girl Leadership Board challenges all River Valleys Girl Scouts to a winter of fun adventures and cozy moments by participating in the Girl Leadership Board Winter Challenge.

Starting January 4, all Girl Scouts River Valleys members can participate in this winter challenge. Girl Scouts River Valleys' own Girl Leadership Board is here to make Girl Scouts and their families avoid the winter blues by staying active and connecting with fellow Girl Scouts over the winter months.

How to Participate

Light blue circle patch with purple border and a snowflake with a trefoil center in the middle with text Girl Leadership Board Winter Challenge.

All Girl Scouts River Valleys girl members are eligible to earn the patch after completing four activities from Activity Category 1 and two activities from Activity Category 2. Girl Scouts who complete the challenge can purchase their Winter Challenge patch at our Girl Scouts River Valleys shop locations.

Winter Challenge Activity Categories

Activity Category 2

(Complete two or more)

  1. Go downhill skiing
  2. Go snowboarding
  3. Go snowshoeing
  4. Go cross country skiing
  5. Go dog sledding
  6. Go winter camping
  7. Go ice fishing
  8. Go snowmobiling
  9. Bulid an ingloo or (Quinzee)
  10. Write a winter themed song, poem, and/or dance, and perform it for your family
  11. Make an indoor obstacle course
  12. Decorate your house for the winter
  13. Knit/crochet a scarf, mitten or a hat
  14. Spread some cheer by safely delivering a homemade surprise to a neighbor or friend
  15. Have a virtual dance party
  16. Attend one Girl Scouts River Valleys Event (Virtual or in person)
  17. Organize a virtual winter themed hang out for your friends or extended family
  18. Sell Girl Scout cookies!

Activity Category 1

(Complete four or more)

  1. Make a snowman
  2. Build a snow fort
  3. Make a blanket fort
  4. Go winter hiking
  5. Participate in a winter sport
  6. Go ice climbing
  7. Go sledding
  8. Have a snowball fight
  9. Go ice skating
  10. Make a hot beverage
  11. Make a bonfire
  12. Make a snow angel
  13. Decorate cookies
  14. Shovel a driveway or sidewalk
  15. Do a winter science project
  16. Stargaze
  17. Play board games
  18. Watch a winter movie
  19. Read a book
  20. Watch a blizzard
  21. Draw a frost picture
  22. Go animal watching
  23. Make some winter art


Can I participate with my troop?

We encourage girls to take on this challenge together while apart from their troop. Please follow all COVID-19 guidelines while completing the challenge and consider working on the challenge in virtual meetings. Girl Scouts may also participate on their own or with their family.

Can I purchase a patch on my own?

The patches are available for purchase at our Girl Scouts River Valleys shop locations for $2.00.

Do I need to provide evidence that I completed the challenge?

Earning this patch is “on your honor,” but we’d love to see images of you completing the challenge. You can do this by uploading a photo when you submit the Share Your Story Form.

Can adults earn the patch?

The patches are available only for Girl Scouts River Valleys girl members.

Can I purchase patches for my troop?