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Spirit Week: Be a Force for Good

Be a Force for Good. September 14-30. Join Us

This year’s Spirit Week theme is “Be a Force for Good.” We’re extending our traditional Spirit Week to two weeks, September 14-30. During this time watch for social media posts, city proclamations, and building and bridge lighting events showcasing Girl Scouts in our communities.

Being a force for good is built into Girl Scouts; it’s at the core of everything we do. Sure, Girl Scouts are kind, friendly, and helpful, but they’re also courageous, confident, strong, resilient, and resourceful. Girl Scouts are not only a force for good, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

As Girl Scouts, you are leaders and changemakers in your community – invite others to join you and earn the Force for Good patch!

Pathes will be mailed out begining the end of October.


How can you be a force for good? Here are some examples:

  • Cleaning up litter in your community or at a local park
  • Make sure your family members (or you if you’re 18) are registered to vote
  • Advocate for a policy change in your neighborhood, school, town, or state (dress codes, crosswalks, stop signs, parks, etc.) by contacting your legislator or school board representative
  • Attend a protest or demonstration
  • Delivering groceries or meals to at-risk neighbors or family members, or checking in on them
  • Making masks
  • Any Girl Scout Take Action or Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award project
  • Volunteering at food, clothing, or home goods donation sites
  • Being a role model for younger girls

Here are some tools to help you be a force for good and an ambassador for Girl Scouts in your community:

Changing the world is hard work, but there’s strength in numbers. Join us in being a Force for Good.