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Make Your Own Media

Make Your Own Media in the Girl Scouts River Valleys Press Corps

This year, Girl Scouts River Valleys is launching a brand-new group, The Press Corps! This team of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors will receive special training in all-things media, so we can report on council and community events and share our stories with the Girl Scout community and the world.


I’m Maddy, a founding member of one of the first Girl Scout Press Corps. When I moved to Minnesota from Texas, the first activity I tried to join was Press Corps. After learning it wasn’t available here, my sister and I spoke with council staff, who loved the idea, and that’s how the Girl Scouts River Valleys Press Corp was created! I joined Press Corps to enhance my communication and team building skills and to help support other girls in finding those same opportunities. That’s exactly what I found within the group so I’m excited Press Corps is now available for Girl Scouts River Valleys!

Since this is a new program, I have lots of answers to commonly asked questions.

What does Press Corps do?

Members of Press Corps report on Girl Scout events and any other stories that girls want to address. The options are limitless! Through Press Corps, girls learn how to best speak their minds and share their thoughts effectively. We also learn about interesting jobs and opportunities as we interview people ranging from TV anchors and authors, to girls running their own fundraisers. We get to go behind the scenes as we provide press coverage for huge Girl Scout events and small ones, from Girl Scout Day at the Capital to girl-led workshops, all while learning how to make our writing, photography, and videos shine. (And we help benefit Girl Scouts as a whole by bringing Girl Scout awareness out there in the world!)

What are the benefits of joining Press Corps?

A main goal of the group is to make sure girls can interact with media in a way they enjoy and control. In Texas, I did a lot of article writing, interviewing, and photography while other Press Corps members posted on social media accounts, worked on videos, and researched topics important to them. The community that is formed is fantastic because we work together to make it all happen!

What if I’m nervous or shy?

Press Corps provides a support system every step of the way. We will learn about interviewing, photography, social media, and writing from women who are experts in their fields to first strengthen our skills. Then we get to select the events or topics we want to cover with a partner or a group. You will never have to work on an article alone. We’ll even conduct interviews with a partner, an incredible experience because you get to talk with amazing women all while knowing that your partner has your back. It’s also a great self-confidence boost because your partner, and often the women you are interviewing, see what you’re doing well more than you can! From my own experience, walking into an event with a press badge and your teammates instantly makes the situation feel more comfortable and under control. Press Corps makes trying new things so much easier.

What stories will we cover?

Press Corps is a great way to start any conversation you think is important. You can explore topics you are excited about through a variety of media, all alongside a supportive community that values teamwork and support. You can interview local experts and changemakers you’d like to know more about. The work of Press Corps is truly what you make it.

What if I’m already in a troop?

Press Corps is a group, not a troop, so you can still belong to your home troop while participating in Press Corps. Juliettes, Press Corps can be a great way to get to know other Girl Scouts while still maintaining your independence. All it takes to engage is a willingness to try new things and that’s what Press Corps is all about!

How can I help?

Join us! Press Corps applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. There is no deadline. Spread the word! Tell any 6-12 grade girl you think may be interested about this opportunity. Whether they are in your troop, your class, or your neighborhood, let other girls know about Press Corps. I joined Girl Scouts because of Press Corps, so this is a perfect opportunity to reach out to friends who might not be Girl Scouts yet. Word of mouth is key so please spread the word!

Support girls’ voices. Support women in media. Support Press Corps.