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Redwood Falls Girl Scout Sisters and Photographer Partner up for Success


When it comes to selling cookies, these Girl Scout sisters mean business.

Girl Scout Junior Victoria and Girl Scout Daisy Vanessa of the Redwood Falls Area Service Unit were out delivering Girl Scout Cookies on Cookie Go Day with their mom, Jessica, when they rode past the home of their local photographer who runs Studio Eleven Photography. They became inspired to work towards their business-to-business (B2B) patch and wanted to pitch to the photography studio. After brainstorming ideas, they headed to the studio—where they coincidentally had to deliver cookies—to pitch the sale.

After the initial pitch, the girls and the studio worked together and came up with a plan that would reward customers who booked a new photo session with the studio through March 15, 2019 with a free box of Thank-A-Lot® Cookies. The studio agreed to purchases five packages of cookies at a time as sessions were booked—always alternating between Vanessa and Victoria for fairness.

Two girl scouts sisters laughing candidly in front of their cookie packages.

After settling on the details, the girls created a video to be posted to social media advertising their business plan. They even got to do an impromptu photo shoot with the studio! In a collaborated effort, the girls and the photographer put a set together—complete with balloons in the colors of the Girl Scout Cookie packages and a cake platter to hold a selection of Thanks-A-Lot® Cookies.

To get to these results, the girls discussed important details with the photography studio—like cookie availability, cookie variety, timeline, customer preference, fairness, marketing, and advertising—all key when coming up with a mutually beneficially B2B partnership and encapsulates one of the five skills of the Cookie Program: Business Ethics.

To learn more about Girl Scouts River Valleys’ B2B Patch Program, visit: