Help Us Move the Girl Scout Bill Across the Finish Line

Help Us Move the Girl Scout Bill Across the Finish Line

We are so close to passing the Girl Scout Bill in the Minnesota Legislature. Thank you to all of our members who have reached out to their State Senator or Representative. It is because of your advocacy that our bill received a hearing in the House and was included in the House Education Finance Omnibus Bill (the House’s proposal for the state’s next Education Budget). Our bill is currently in the Education Finance Conference Committee, where five senators and five representatives will create the final state Education Budget. 

We need your help to move the Girl Scout Bill across the finish line to help bring Girl Scouts to as many Minnesota girls as possible. To support you in this process, we've outlined below how you can help:

The Girl Scout Bill Basics

The Girl Scout Bill was introduced in January and is officially known as SF 400 in the Senate and HF 292 in the House of Representatives. The Girl Scout Bill seeks state funding to help make Girl Scouts accessible to ALL girls through the Girl Scouts ConnectZ program.

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May Update

Our bill has traveled further than ever before, but we need your help! Here’s what happens next and where YOU come in:

  1. Our state legislature is made up of two groups, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and each one has created their own version of the budget. Our bill was only included in the House budget.
  2. A group of legislators from each body, called the Conference Committee, will meet and hash out the differences between the bills.
    • Reach out to your state level senator and representative and ask them to push the Conference Committee members to include the Girl Scout Bill in the final version of the Education Finance Budget.
    • You can also reach out to the chairs of the Education Finance Committees, Senator Nelson and Representative Davnie, and the other members of the Education Omnibus Bill Conference Committee.

Reach Out to Your Legislator

Contact your legislator and ask them to help us secure the Girl Scout Bill’s place in the Education Finance Omnibus Bill. The more support we have, the more likely our bill is to be included!

  1. Find your legislator.
  2. Contact your Minnesota Senate and House representatives through email or call their office.
  3. Ask these legislators to encourage the people on the Conference Committee to include the Girl Scout Bill in the budget.
  4. Finally, reach out to the 10 members of the Conference Committee on the Education Finance Omnibus Bill (listed below) directly and ask them to include funding in the Education Finance Bill for Girl Scouts.

    House of Representatives


Not sure what to say? Here are talking points to get you started!

Request a Meeting

Contact your Minnesota Senate and House representatives to request a meeting.

We’ve created a quick, 20-minute training that will help get you ready for your legislative meeting.

The training will walk you through everything you need to know to meet with your legislator—like what’s in the Girl Scout Bill, telling your Girl Scout story, how to schedule a meeting, and even what a meeting looks like!

View Training Video

Need more tips? Check out our G.I.R.L.s in Session 1-pager resource that will help guide you through your meeting.

Reach Out on Social Media

Use your phone and tag your legislator on social media to ask for their support! If you reach out on social media, be sure to use hashtags #MNleg, #GIRLagenda, and tag us @GirlScoutsRV.

Tell Us How the Meeting Went

We want to hear how it went and what your legislator thought about the bill! Girls who meet with their legislator and report back to Girl Scouts River Valleys will earn the exclusive (And free!) G.I.R.L.s in Session patch.


If you have any questions throughout the process, please reach out to us at, or call 800-845-0787.