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The Perks of Being a Girl Scout: Partner Events

Girl scouts participating in ballet, basketball and learning about snakes.

We’re more than friendship bracelets, cookies, and crafts. At Girl Scouts, girls get a plethora of opportunities to practice leadership, explore their interests, and adventure off to new horizons.

Through multiple participation pathways, girls can earn skill-based badges, go camping, spend time in the outdoors, and even go on special outings and shows through partner events and member discounts. That’s right—partner events! From unique and popular shows like Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, musicals and ballets, to sporting events like Roller Derby, Girl Scout Day with the Lynx, Twins, MN United FC (You name it!), Girl Scouts get to make connections with female mentors and professionals and participate in exclusive hands-on activities—offered to none other than Girl Scouts!

Often at discounted rates and complete with Girl Scout-only activities and patches, these partnered opportunities provide girls enriching and educational experiences, are family-friendly, and give girls access to something they otherwise wouldn’t get (like behind-the-scene tours, technical demos, meet-and-greets, and Q&A sessions with directors and performers).

Whether she enjoys speeding off on blades, is an aspiring screen writer, or is a sports enthusiast, there’s a perk for every girl (And, she’ll probably score a nice discount along the way!).

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